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Tick...tock...tick...tock... the time went by slowly yet surely. Sitting here, bored, admiring travel pictures uploaded by other tb members, I am fired up for another adventure. The question is where to? I have an open invitation to Dubai from a friend who has settled there. As I have never been there, that invitation looks very pretty now. On the other hand, I have my own big plan to finish all the Asean countries before venturing to other parts of the world, and at the moment the images of blue water and white sandy beaches in Bali keep on playing on my mind like a broken record.

So here I am, at my work station, my fingers tapping on my white Asus laptop pretending to be hard at work when in fact I am just writing nonesense on this travel blog. Well, perhaps not really nonesense, just gibberish thoughts about my dilemma. Bali or Dubai? Hmmm, where should I go?

Back in the management office, my principal is anticipating memo from the minister that would determine the fate of all holiday makers in my schools myself included. Almost everyone is hoping to fly away this next school break which is going to be in September. But rumour has been going on that following the rising number of H1N1 infection in Brunei, no one is allowed to go for their holiday oversea. I could feel tense in the air, well at least the air surrounding me is tense. I really need to go somewhere after months of hardwork I damn deserve a break. So this morning I submitted my application for a leave with a bit of prayer for some miracle to happen.

Now back to my night job, the place where I am now... my mind is still working on a decision - Bali or Dubai? Bali?... or Dubai? .. hmm Cambodia maybe or Thailand. Why not Myanmar? This is getting confusing.

marix_sublime says:
wow...great dilemma..where to travel, hahhaaha! been to dubai and cambodia and both are fantastic places to visit. ohh, and you are also working in a school like me :)) how is the work environment in a school setting there?
Posted on: Aug 24, 2009
wanderlustbohemian says:
Bali!!! And tell me all about it ;)
Posted on: Aug 05, 2009
borneonikieta says:
lol vance...where do you think i should go?
Posted on: Jul 27, 2009
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