The constricting coils of religion have been removed.

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     The constricting coils of religion have been removed.  We take in a great breath, we fill our lungs for the first time in 18 years.  The relief of freedom is over whelming.  So much time lost that can never be regained.  We are as a colt that has been stalled and denied it's freedom, released, we run and kick up our heels with great joy, so happy to be free.  We run fast and far from that which kept us in captivity, never to return again.  Our wardon now fallen unable to rise again, his glory now his shame, his crimes now his fame, no longer free to imprision the faithful hearted, behind prison doors til his life is departed.  All he was given now taken away, the stalls which once imprisioned now a place for dogs to play. 

     Wounds run deep, healing at times slow, pressing ever forward the past our compass from darkness and death into light and life.   A warm refreshing breeze of freedom swirls and dances around us as if rejoicing with us in our liberty.  Dred now excitement, opression now freedom, sorrow now joy, the fallen now risen, our defeat now our victory, once blind now we see, faithful hearted once chained now free unto eturnity.  All that was lost being restored.

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