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The Winchester Mansion
Who could have thought that the house of Sarah WInchester was close to all those modern shopping malls and buildings of San Jose, California? It was a hot, summer day of July when we decided to visit this mysterious house. My friends had no clue of what we are going to visit, it was my idea of surprising them...they thought we would stop by Santana Row to do some shopping but instead I made my quick right turn with Mrs. Winchester house. This is my idea of cooling down on a hot weekend...

Well to give you an idea of what we are going to visit, this is a mansion built during the early 1900's where construction continued until the death of Mrs. Winchester, and this has created more than a 100's of room, with more than 10,000 windows which is greater than that of the Empire Estate Building.
Door to wrong move, and you'll have the 15 foot drop from the 2nd floor
Some of the rooms serve no purpose. It was said to believe that Mrs. Winchester consulted a fortune teller, who told her that the mysterious death of her daughter and the early passing of her husband were caused by the spirits who died from the guns manufactured by their gun factory, and so a theory a floats that in order to stop this,she needs to continue on building rooms so that lost spirit may not find their way out.

So when Mrs. Winchester husband's died, she inherited a 20 million dollars in cash, and this is how she got wealthy. She also had some contract with Del Monte and Libby's for her fruit businesses which added up more to her wealth.

Our tour started with an entry to a dark corridor to witness some old victorian tiffany window glasses, all personalized, and seems to have one common design, a count of thirteen items in each glasses(circular, etc)  seems to be embedded on each window design. The price was approximated to be 25,000 dollars at that time.

When Mrs. Winchester died, all her furniture and properties were inherited by her only niece and this was sold to an auction, so there were no original furniture with your mansion visit.

I'll be trying to update this blog more... but this is a place that is worth visiting...
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The Winchester Mansion
The Winchester Mansion
Door to wrong move, …
Door to wrong move,…
The Tiffany Glass Window..
The Tiffany Glass Window..
Called the 7/11 stairs... 7 flight…
Called the 7/11 stairs... 7 fligh…
The most expensive window in the h…
The most expensive window in the …
The Bell Tower
The Bell Tower
Mrs. Winchester Workers
Mrs. Winchester Workers
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