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So out of nowhere, my dad goes, "Okay we're leaving for Hawaii in a couple of days. Wanna come?" I was like heck yes! A "No duh" was actually going through my head. Both my parents are so spontaneous sometimes it kills me. Anyway, come Monday, and I am still not packed. Me and my sister realized that we didn't have any summer clothes at all and we weren't going to wear long jeans in Hawaii of all places. Since the both of us think of things the last minute, we hurried off to the Ontario Mills with the clock ticking. We were planning on getting some good sleep that night so we were hurrying it up. From tanks to shorts to bikinis to rash guards, our shopping bags were getting heavy. Money goes through my hands like sand, I've noticed.

Shopping is just the same as exercising and I got really really hungry when we finished purchasing our purchases. So to celebrate those burned-off calories, we went off to scarf down the most wonderful chicken in the world...Popeye's! YOM. So after that, we still had laundry to do and pack and whatnot. We ended up going to sleep around 2am leaving for the airport at 6. I am not a morning person and to my surprise, I woke up! And?! ON TIME. Clapclapclap. The excitement got to me. I had never been to Hawaii before. Actually, I sort of have. I say this because when I went to the Philippines we had a 2-hour stopover at the Honolulu Airport, but unfortunately did not get to go down from the airplane. So I don't think that really counted. I think it counts when you actually touch the ground with your own two feet. I was discussing this with my dad because I had no clue as to what it takes to have it count that you have actually been in particular land. He told me that some people don't think that they are in the country or state they have arrived at until they have physically stepped foot outside of the airport doors. He told me that he's even seen some people bow down to the ground and kiss it. I'd put a Kleenex between the ground and my lips before I'd ever do that.


(P.S. If anyone ever reads this, please tell me if I give too many useless details. I have yet to improve my writing skills)

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