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The pooping man

While I peek into every little corner and side street of an unknown place when traveling, I used to walk the streets of my hometown gazing at the ground (I might slip), checking my brain for errands to do (just don't forget anything), and the cell phone stuck to my ear (gotta be available). Barely noticing the beautiful place I call home. Untill the tourists I work with started pointing out things to me I had simply missed. So, now I walk through my city with my eyes, mind and ears open. Wow!! What a discovery!

There are the yards. Many houses on the peninsula have these inner yards, a little square closed from three sides by houses, and a passage to the street. In some of them there are wells. Stairs lead to the doors of the apartments. Yes, people are living there, thou most of these old houses are in bad shape.

Mr. Špralja's garden
When I was house-hunting, I wanted to get an apartment in the old town, in one of those beautiful old houses. I was quickly brought back to planet Earth - no romanticism in there, just cracked walls, worn out plumbing and barely any sunlight coming through the narrow alleys. But sky-high prizes. Still, every time I pass by them, my heart bleeds watching them deteriorate, and I sneak into a yard and imagine what they used to be like when they were young.

Zadar's architecture shows several historic eras, there are remains on every corner. On one particular corner a relief has survived the renovation of the building ('Donatella boutique') it is stuck on. It shows a man (?) crouching. I couldn't find out anything about it, nothing about its history. Except for a story a teacher told me: she teaches in elementary school and once took the class for a stroll in the old town.

They also admired that relief, and since nobody knew what it was all about, the kids simply named it "the pooping man". So ever since, it's the pooping man :) , and it makes me smile every time I see it. 

On the city wall, the "Muraj", just opposite of "The Garden" bar, Joso Špralja has his house. He is a famous photographer, painter, sculpture, an allround artist. He's set up home in an ancient what used to be armory, attached to the city wall. He has a garden, that lies there like in a pit, and you can look down on it from the city wall. It's not a regular garden.


I have this thing about trees. Wonderful creations! Zadar has several beautiful, giant trees. Walking through the old town, you'll pass them, and maybe you will like to stand under it and look high up into the tree top. I dunno, there's just something about them…

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The pooping man
The pooping man
Mr. Špraljas garden
Mr. Špralja's garden
Mr. Špralja houses roof
Mr. Špralja house's roof
photo by: novabelgica