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After 2 great days in and around Lisbon, we continued our trip towards Madeira! A 2 hour flight on tuesday morning with Easy Jet and we we on Madeira!!!

Our rental car was waiting for us at the airport and in no time we were cruising the island! :-) Our tour took us past the captital of Funchal and into the hills / mountains. This really is a beautifull place! We stoppped for lunch and continued our drive to the most Northwestern point of the island: Porto Moniz! For dinner: SEAFOOD!

The next day, we started our Western Madeira tour. Again: what a beautifull island! Flowers everywhere! :-) The scenery is truely amazing and we really had an amazing drive through the forrests and along the coast.
At one point we lowered the windows and turned of the AC. The fresh air and the smell of flowers filled the car. Nothing like I've ever smelled, it was like a botanical garden in the car! It really it a fun island to drive around on and I think we passed through about 1000 tunnels too... :-p

Anyway, the next few days consisted of visiting little villages, chilling on the beach / rocks and touring around. We also visited really cool caves that had been formed by lava. It was interesting to learn how Madeira was "created" and how volcanic activity made this amazing island!

After 2 nights in Porto Moniz, we drove to the east part of the island: Santa Cruz. Here we would spend the last few days touring the rest of the island, eating great food, enjoying the scenery and swimming in the Atlantic ocean...

Overal a great place to be and I really wouldn't mind going back there! :-)

Whole island smells like flowers, Great temperature, Peacefull fishing villages, Atlantic Ocean, Tee houses on cliffs, Caves, Parking for 10 cents, Steep hills, Seafood, 7000 RPM's trying to get out of the parking garage, Mountain villages, Lots of lizards, Little lizzards like chocolate chip cookies, Low flying ariplanes over out hotel, Beautifull flowers, Botanical gardens, Tunnels everywhere, Friendly people, Swimming in the Atlantic, Capital Funchal is a nice place to walk around, Eastern part is like a desert, This place is amazing!!!!!

On monday morning, we turned in our car and flew back to Lisbon.
From there, 2 hours with KLM and we were back home in The Netherlands...

I cant wait for my next trip..... :-D

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photo by: sweettangerine