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Sign inside the Men's Restroom, Wiley "C" Store, Wiley, CO

I figured that we would make it as far as Lamar, CO before we stopped again. We rarely travel more than two hours in the car before we stop to stretch our legs. I don’t mind. I hate being cooped up in a car, and stopping gives you a chance to stretch your legs and break up the monotony. These stops will end up adding about an hour to travel time today, but I think it is time well spent.


We didn’t quite make it to Lamar. We came up about 15 miles short, when a full bladder dictated a stop in Wiley, CO. I have not looked, but I will bet that Wiley does not have a blog, picture, or description in Travbuddy. They will now, but I am not sure how proud the 100 or so citizens will be should they stumble across this.


We stopped at the Wiley “C” Store on Highway 287. It is a nice little shop, in a building at least 50 years old. It was fairly clean and the lady working the counter greeted us and was friendly. The ladies took care of business while I doddled, looking at snacks. By the time I got around to the bathroom, the others were done and heading back to the car with their snacks. But, our departure had to be delay while I went back into the store to take a picture of the sign I saw inside the restroom. This was the best laugh I had on the whole trip!

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Sign inside the Mens Restroom, Wi…
Sign inside the Men's Restroom, W…
photo by: bkretzer
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