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Traffic Circle sign in Boise City, OK

We resumed our trip with a full tank of gas and fortified with sugar and caffeine. I was hoping for two hours worth of travel time before our next stop. We made about an hour 45 minutes before we stopped in Boise City, OK.


En route we had passed through Springfield, CO. I had been curious about Springfield for several months now. I had a cousin who died this spring from breast cancer. She died in Springfield, in some sort of clinic that specialized in that disease. At least that was my understanding. I thought it very unusual to have a specialized clinic in such an out of the way place.


Springfield is located in the south east corner of Colorado and is the county seat of Baca County. Highway 287, which we were traveling on runs right though it. We did not stop, but I did not see a sign or any building that would suggest a cancer clinic. It looked like any number of small Dust Bowl towns we passed though. Lots of closed businesses. Lot of pick up trucks, and not very many people. Perhaps the 100 degree heat was a factor in that last part.


As mentioned we continued on to Boise City, OK. I later found out that Boise means “tree” and that when the town was plotted and those lots were being hawked to people looking to settle there, they claimed that it was a very scenic area with lots of trees. In truth there was nothing, literally nothing, but mile after mile of sod grass and plains. But those Okies are tough and they carved out a nice little town in the panhandle.


The thing that got our attention was their traffic circle. Those are rare enough in the west, and seeing one in Oklahoma was a bit of a shock. But, it worked very well allowing the considerable long haul truck traffic easy access and their choice of turnoffs.


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Posted on: Jul 20, 2009
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Traffic Circle sign in Boise City,…
Traffic Circle sign in Boise City…
Boise City
photo by: bkretzer