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Aunt Murrel and her Great-Great Granddaughter

July 12, 2009


Today we had one item on our agenda; Visit with Aunt Murrel. When we were originally scheduled to be here last month, today would have been Aunt Murrel’s actual 85th birthday. We had originally planned to visit with her all day, and that had not changed


One thing that had changed was Patty and Jackie’s residency. They were staying in a hotel; because Aunt Murrel’s spare room was to have been occupied by another out of town guest. Well, she canceled. No one told us, so Patty and Jackie paid for a room that they didn’t need to. Margo and I almost never stay with family.

Patty,and her cousin, Shirley
It’s not that we don’t like them, but we don’t want to put them out, and we don’t want to burden them if we stay up until midnight unwinding, or taking care of our nightly financial ritual.


I have a budget for my trips and I track the expenses. I budget so much for food, attractions, hotel, car, and souvenir. I over budget so we generally don’t worry about what we spend, with in reason of course. It’s no fun worrying about money when you travel. But, at the end of the night I count cash, input our daily purchases, and obtain verification that all is right in the world. I’m sure this wouldn’t work for a lot of people, but it works for me, and has for the past 15 years.


We got to Aunt Murrel’s sometime in the 10 o’clock hour. We were pretty well rested and we plopped down in seats and passed several hours just reminiscing and telling stories.

Aunt Murrel's granddaugter and great-granddaughter
We traded gossip from Colorado for gossip in the Texas Panhandle. The time went surprisingly fast. Aunt Murrel has a gift for talking. When one conversational subject is exhausted, she comes up with another. There is not much dead time.


Everybody was scheduled to arrive for the Bar B Q around 5 PM. Three of Aunt Murrel’s children arrived. The other two were mad about something, and did not come. Of course we were filled into as why, but that is not something I am going to post. I think the bottom line is when your mother has her 85th birthday celebration you should find a reason to be there, not a reason to stay away.


I mingled a bit, ate too much, listened more than I talked, and took quite a few pictures. But, as this is a travel blog, and not a family narrative, I’ll keep those to a minimum as well. We stayed around until about 10 PM that night. Aunt Murrel usually went to bed much earlier, but she was completely enjoying the company. She would have stayed up and talked all night, if someone would visit with her. That wasn’t in the cards. Everyone was tired. Tomorrow was another day and we wanted to get a reasonably early start. We said our good bys and left for the hotel.

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Aunt Murrel and her Great-Great Gr…
Aunt Murrel and her Great-Great G…
Patty,and her cousin, Shirley
Patty,and her cousin, Shirley
Aunt Murrels granddaugter and gre…
Aunt Murrel's granddaugter and gr…
photo by: fabienuk