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WIng of the plane lookign like it could skim the water

For a change we left for the airport early to allow for plenty of time. We got to the self check-in and Rob managed to get it to communicate in Dutch. Luckily a nice man helped us with the translations. Rob had done pretty well with it though. We went through security and were on the first plane to Cyprus with no issues other than not being able to sit together. Rob was in the seat in form of me. I had ordered a vegetarian meal and ended up with a Hindu meal, but it was vegetarian. I just could not bring myself to eat the curried cauliflower. Rob was trying to read and kept nodding off as he had gotten up very early. Our first stop was at Pafos Airport where most of the people got off the plane.

Waiting to board the plane
We were left with a group of young Dutch partiers. After a short wait we were off again with beautiful views of the Cyprus coast. As we flew we noticed wide grey strips of what looked like roads, but were actually mineral streaks in the Trodos Mountains. It was a sunny day with a light haze as we banked left to approach Larnaka Airport on the south central coast of Cyprus. The sun was creating a magical band of light across the horizon. At one point the tip of the wing looked like it was skimming the water.

After we landed the plane went past what looked to be a wonderful new airport concourse to an older one. Once we were off the plane we went to a transfer area. As it was filing up with people waiting for a bus to take us all to the departure terminal, the heat was becoming noticeable.

Aprodite class cabin. What a fun name!
We finally boarded a bus and were driven a whole 500 feet to the other terminal. I was thirsty and as we looked for a drink I spotted souvenirs. We made a small purchase as a gift but held back since I have a trip to Cyprus later this year. Next Rob needed food so he for a nice healthy salad. As we headed to the gate I secretly cursed all of the nicely tanned tourists.

In the holding area to board the plane to Syria, I was feeling naucious with anticipation. Once on the plane and sitting together this time, my heart was racing and as I realized there was no turning back. We were off to whatever fate awaited us in our first adventures in the Middle East. The flight was uneventful, but we were exhausted and still had so much more to get through. Rob did find it amusing were siting in Aprodite class and first class was Apollo class.

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Posted on: Aug 22, 2013
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Congrats on being featured :-).
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WIng of the plane lookign like it …
WIng of the plane lookign like it…
Waiting to board the plane
Waiting to board the plane
Aprodite class cabin.  What a fun …
Aprodite class cabin. What a fun…
photo by: delsol67