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Today is the last full day on the ranch. I decided this morning that I was not going to let yesterday’s events ruin the rest of my vacation. I wanted to get one more trail ride in (I had intended to do so yesterday afternoon) so I walked down to the corral and asked if they could saddle up my horse for the morning ride. This ride went out in the opposite direction of the others I had been on. So it was all new countryside to see. The outlaws (the kids riding group) had headed out before us in the same direction, and every now and then you could hear them yelling and carrying on. Question to the outlaw kids by their wrangler….how do outlaws ride ‘em….”Like we stolen em!  Yee hah!  This 2 hour ride was to be my final ride of the trip so I made sure my mount did exactally what I wanted him to do. It felt good to have something in control.  2 hours later we were back and I rounded up the boys to see what they were up to.


The lunch bell rang…well it must have even though I did not here it, since everybody was back in the Chuckhouse for lunch. After lunch I decided it was time to make some phone calls to get the dog situation figured out. Unfortunately nobody was answering their phones. I big blog thank you to my co worker Ginger for looking up a phone number for me. As the afternoon rolled I was getting more and more stressed about finding somebody to take over caring for our dog back at home. I finally went back up to the bunkhouse to take a nap and sleep on it. When I woke up, I had an email from a friend that said they would be happy to help me out.  I wish my relationship did not end the way it did. But it is nice to know I have friends I can count on to have my back.  Thanks Fox and Brian T.


Now that I was up, I booted up the old laptop to see what the emails would bring today. I sent a couple of texts to let the person that held special place in my heart know I had made arrangements for my dog. I apologized for any hurt she feels I caused her. Then I logged off. I don’t intend to power up the darn thing again until late tonight to finish this blog.


Well the evening and this trip is coming to an end. I had a good afternoon, all the other drama excepted. Dinner was ribs and chicken, with an awesome potato salad. After dinner we all took one last wagon ride around the ranch. It was nice, relaxing, and fun to listen to the kids ramble on and on about the stuff that intrigues them.  After getting back from the wagon ride, my youngest son suggest the family play “Horseopoly”.  It was fun, and great to just spend time with my mom, sister and at least one of my sons.  After playing for about an hour and a half, I called it a night. I wanted to go back up to the bunk house to start packing. Since I have the mutt sorted for the next couple of days, we are going to go into Reno to spend Saturday with my sisters (the younger sister is driving up from Vacaville). A trip to see the new Harry Potter movie is in the playbook as both my sons and my younger sister are huge fans.  I plan to drive home Sunday. I just don’t feel like being on vacation any longer. L

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photo by: adasplace