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Today is the day we leave the Ranch. I am torn between returning home and continuing your vacation. I have a large picture that my aunt had asked me to bring to my sister in my SUV and she does not have room to put it in her car, so we will be driving into Reno. My niece is sad that we are not going to be staying as long as originally planned. She had a short list of things she wanted to show/do with her cousins. I have decided that we are going to drive home on Sunday, so as a compromise, instead of staying at the original hotel I had planned on…we are going to stay at Circus Circus.


The drive to Reno from the ranch was a nice easy drive. It took about 90 minutes and was straighter than the route up. The route up was more of your typical winding mountain roads…this was straighter.  When we finally got back into an area with active cell phone service we sent a text to my younger sister to let her know we would be in Reno, but just for Saturday. Her mother lives in Reno, so she was already here and our cutting our trip short, while upsetting, would not be a major concern. She had driven up from Vacaville the day before and stayed with her mother.


We got into Reno and made our way to my elder sisters house. I have never been there and was curious to see it. It is a cute little 3 bedroom home, not far from where my father lived. While my sister went to pick up her dog from the boarding kennel, I made reservations for a single night stay at Circus Circus. Our reason for staying here is that it is one of the places my niece wanted to take my sons to. It is a Sat night stay, and that means it will be on one of the more expensive nightly rates. Not ideal, but for what I want to occomplish…it is acceptable.


With the hotel taken care of it was time to head off to the movies. We have all been wanting to see the new Harry Potter movie. My younger sister is also a fan of the franchise so she met us at the theatre (even though she had already seen the movie. Ah love of family and heart of a Potter fan).  It was a good movie, but they left out something that I thought was a major plot point. So I was a bit disappointed. But I will not mention any more here in case you have not seen the movie yet.


After the movie we drove over to Circus Circus to check in. I am a bit disappointed with some things that happened while we were checking in, but I am going to put that down to my general frame of mind at the moment and will not ding them. When we eventually got up to the room, it was roomy, clean and just what we need for our stay.  We lugged our bags up to the room, and sent messages to my sisters that we were all checked in and ready to hit the Midway.  My elder sister, my niece and my mother met us at the hotel and we found a place for a quick bite for dinner, and then hit the Midway for an evening of carnival and video games. We did pretty good. I won several stuffed animals, as did my younger son and my niece. My younger son also won an Ipod Shuffle. My elder son spent his time playing video games. Considering the amount of quarters he gave me back at the end of the night he must have been doing pretty good.  While we were playing games my younger sister arrived. It was nice to get a chance to chat with her (did not really get a chance before the movie). We spent some time getting caught up and then Bobby stole her away to go play games.  The night was starting to wind down as I was tired. I had some stuff for my sister back in the room so we all head back up there. My sister and I had conspired to get a digital photo frame for our mother and load it with pictures of the kids and pictures from the trip. I had copied all my photos onto a SD memory card and had the card and a card reader ready for my sister. She has the photo frame and is going to put her photos on the memory card and give it to mom.  I just hope this is all done before my mother reads this.  Your welcome mom. We all loved this trip and wanted you to have a way to remember it too.  J


Now that we were back in the room, the kids played a game of Life – Sponge Bob Edition.  They were getting a bit rambunctious so when they were done it was time to call it a night.  We all said our goodbyes, and the boys and I went to bed.  Tomorrow is a travel day. I am hoping to drive all the way home. We will see. We had planned to do it in 2 days, but I have some things I need to take care of, and my stomach will not settle down until the relationship is put to rest.

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