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Some how this morning, the boys were able to get up and sneak out of the room without waking me.. With all the drapes pulled in the room, it stays very dark, and the ranch does not ring the dinner bell for breakfast. I slept until 10:30. I realized I had missed breakfast and tried to figure out what I wanted to do until lunch. I decided I was tired of being eaten alive by the bugs, so I decided to take a drive into town to see about getting some more bug spray and some anti itch lotion for the bites I already had. I found my mother and sister coming back in from a morning hike and wouldn’t you know it, great minds think alike. They were going to drive into town also. I found the boys to tell them what I was going to be doing. Brian decided to go with us.


Quincy is the county seat and is a town of about 6000.  My mother told me she saw a sign for a Safeway as we were driving in (I missed it) so that was to be our target. As we drove thru town I saw a small independent market called Sav-more. Thinking that was probably what my mother had seen, that is were we stopped. I got some staples and the bug stuff for me and then headed back. I later found out that we were not in Quincy, but were in East Quincy. Quincy itself was much bigger … there actually is a Safeway there. Oh well, sorry mom, for not trusting you.


When we got back to the ranch it was lunch time. I had signed up to take the afternoon ride (after being told it was just a short 30 minute ride. I later found out it was a full 2 hour ride and decided against it. They were having a kids rodeo and I wanted to watch that. After the rodeo we played a game of cowboy softball. We played in the riding arena. When we stepped a patch the was wet…well we just convinced ourselves it was from the sprinklers being on in the morning! J The game was slow pitch softball, no strikes, you bat until you got a hit. You either popped out, were thrown out, or made your base. Each side was kept to a 5 run limit per inning, except for the last inning. I was on the winning team…but my high was pitching to my youngest son, him hitting a pop fly, and my being able to snag it and get him out. Ha!  That made up for all the losses at ping pong!


After the softball game it was dinner time. And then after dinner it was time for the frog races. Now I knew that the kids had only caught about 4 frogs the night before…but low and behold there were about 21 frogs to be raced. I asked CJ (he is kind of like our cruise director) where did all the frogs come from. He told me he had been up until about 2 or 3 the previous night catching them in the lower pond (the kids were searching the upper pond).  Well he had the kids broken down into 4 or 5 heats and each of the kids was giving a frog to race. I think the funnest part was when the frogs made a made dash to escape while the kids were getting them from the coolers they were in. It was a made scramble to catch them and get them in the separate containers the kids each had.  It was funny, so many of the little buggers were nimble and ready to hop away before the races started. But when it was post time…so many of them just laid there. It was funny watching the kids trying to get them to hop.


After the frog races, we all went to the saloon. Some of the guest were leaving the next morning and the staff had a bunch of awards to give out to the kids. Brian  received the “To Cool to Karaoke” award.  And Robert won the “Pinball Wizard” award. Now I don’t feel so bad loosing to him at Air Hockey, I found out he was tearing it up on the table.  After the awards we had a choice of attending a bonfire or watching an old John Wayne movie. Now I love most John Wayne movies, but they were having problems with the projection equipment and the movie was not one of the better ones. So I went over to the bonfire to listen to camp fire songs and had a few S’mores.  I found the boys, made sure they knew that they had to be back at our bunkhouse by 11 and then went back to finish my book.  They came back, took showers and we went to bed.

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photo by: adasplace