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I had decided we would leave Reno...when ever the hell we woke up. I was not in a hurry to get home, yet at the same time needed the peace of mind of being there. The thoughts of what waited for me back home kept me tossing and turning all night. Finally about 6am I gave up the ghost and got up and took a shower. I hoped that it would refresh and help relax me. I was only halfway successful.  I finished packing up all the stuff that the boys did not actually still have on, or would be wearing today. I reviewed the hotel quick check out guidelines, and just waited for the boys to wake up. When they did it was into the shower for both of them.  I was not looking forward to a 11-12 drive, and deff was not going to do it with 2 stinky teenage boys. After the morning routine was completed we headed out.

Our first priority was to get a bite to eat, then fill up the gas tank. While getting breakfast I realized I needed to find an ATM also. I had hardly any cash, and I guess I am just to responsible to think about making that drive across I-80 and then down I-5 with out any cold, hard cash in my wallet. I had plenty of credit cards available, but sometimes things just need to be dealt with in cash! Those items being checked off our list, we started our drive around 9am. I had a couple of choices on the route home. Either 395 or 80/5.  I had made the 80/5 drive several times to visit my father before he passed away. It is long, but I know the land marks and could do it in my sleep. Since my mind was occupied with other thoughts, I thought this would be the best route home.

Our first stop along the way was just north of where we stayed on our way up. I had noticed a median sized shopping mall that had a book store. My eldest son has been reading a book he checked out of the library before we left, and he was almost done with it. He is reading to keep himself occupied during the long drive. (His brother has been sleeping...I think I would prefer to handle it that way!).  We made our stop and spent about 30-45 min in the book store and at the local Target getting drinks and a bite to eat. Then it was back on the road.   Our next stop was about 90 min later for a gas fill up. Not sure where we were, just one of the countless gas pit stops along I-5 in the central valley. It was once again ungodly hot (about 105) so we filled up and got back on the road (the Jimmy has A/C). And the wheels kept running, running, runnig.

Our next stop was about 4:30 just before starting up the hill at the Grapevine. A bathroom break, and bite to eat, and a stretch of the legs. I asked if the boys wanted to sit in the Quiznos/Market, but they said no...lets keep on going dad. So it was back in the Jimmy and on again. It was nice coming down the grade into the area near Magic Mountain. It felt like we were getting closer to home. As we continued south I told Bobby it was his choice on the route thru L.A.  We could either take I-5 as we were going, or get on the I-405.  It was a toss of the dice as far as traffic.  Bobby rolled the dice and we drove thru L.A. instead of around it. It meant nothing to them. But having grown up in L.A. county it was good to see familiar sites as we made our way south. Every mile was another minute closer to home.

We had to make one more gas stop in south Orange County to fill up on gas, then we were on our last leg home. I knew we were less than an hour away and told the boys. They were happy, and so was I.  Finally, just before 8pm we pulled into our driveway. I gave the boys instructions to unpack the SUV and put the bags in the garage near the washing machine. The dirty clothes are not even going into the house. I will take care of them tomorrow. I walked across the street to talk to my friend that had take over watching our fur face for us. I thanked him and his sons for being there when I needed them. He told me that what friends/neighbors are for, and they were glad they could help us out.  I then went into the house, took a shower, and crawled into bed. I was home, and for the moment all was right in the world. There are some other important decisions to be made in the next couple of days, but the long drive home helped me put things into perspective and helped me to resolve what I think I need to do.
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photo by: sdbleve