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The day on a ranch starts pretty early…for the staff ! I am on vacation! The boys woke up before I did and were out the door for breakfast with out so much as a good morning dad. I finally dragged my self out of bed somewhere around 9ish.  By the time I had taken my shower, breakfast was no longer being served in the Chuckhouse, but there is always fresh fruit, and fruit juice available. I filled my water bottle up with some ice and apple juice and started down to the corral.  The morning ride was already getting ready to ride out. I was fitted with a horse (named Scout) and walked out into the corral. After everybody was mounted up, the wranglers did a quick safety review and split up the riders into different groups. Since this was my first ride of the trip, I went out with a walk only group. Both of the boys were also riding this morning. Bobby and I ended up in one walk group along with my sister Dolores. Brian ended up in the other walk group with a friend he has made.


The morning ride was pretty nice. It wound its way up into the mountains, along tree lined truck and horse trails. The smell of pine and the sound of a nearby creek was peaceful.  The ride lasted about 2 hours, and soon we were back at the ranch for lunch. Lunch consisted of chicken salad (which was just ok since it had onions in it…yuck). After I had choked down a sandwich, one of the kids told me there was also peanut butter and jelly available…thanks kids.


After lunch I took a quick nap then headed down to the corral for the afternoon ride. On my way to the corral I stopped in the Chuckhouse again to refill my water bottle. There is a special pouch on each saddle to put your water bottle in. I filled my bottle up with lemonade and ice…this would turn out to be a mistake. The lemonade did not sit well in my stomach during the ride, and if I had just filled it with water I could have used the water to soak down the bandana I had purchased to help keep the dust out of my face or to cool me down. I could not use the lemonade as I would have the water as it would have attracted bees and other insects.


For this afternoons ride I had selected a walk/trot ride. It was fun at first, but then the trotting put a strain on one my knees and it was painful. Once again we rode up into the mountains. The landscape here if very beautiful. High mountains, with lots of pine. I am told there is a lot of dear here but did not see any. I later found out that one of the rides saw some dear, and one of the young kid rides saw a bear. Our ride slowly wound it way higher and higher up the mountain. This was pretty cool…until the wrangler decided to do an imitation of “The Man from Snowy River”  and took us down a very steep, loosely packed mountain side. I was not to worried about the horse, he is a very sure footed animal. But the strain the angle put on my knee as we made our way down, just worsened my pain. I was not having a good time.  Eventually we made it to our destination…a trail cookout.  Those that had opted out of the afternoon ride had taken a wagon ride to the dinner.  When I first got off my horse I was worried that my knee might not support my weight. But I was fine after walking around and resting it for a while. Dinner was a pretty tasty steak…and for Bobby…the trout he had caught that afternoon. After dinner those of us that had gone of the afternoon rides had to ride back to the ranch. The wagon took off first, and then the rest of us followed.  There were about 36 people riding back all together. I am glad I was up near the front.


When we got back to the ranch and turned our mounts over to the wranglers, it was getting pretty late. I was tired, sore and dusty. I decided it was time for a swim. I quickly changed and went down to the pool to cool off. I had the pool to myself for a short while and then some other campers arrived.  I enjoyed the relaxation and then went back up to our bunk room and changed into dry clothes.  Later that night there was a karoke machine set up in the Saloon. The kids had a blast singing…and so did some of the adults.  And yes I was one of them.  Then it was time for bed. I back up to our bunkhouse and relaxed, read for about 30 min. Then the boys got back and we called it a night.

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photo by: adasplace