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Our day started with the free breakfast at the Best Western. It was the typical free stuff, but still pretty good. Scrambled eggs with a bit of cheese mixed in, bacon and sausage, and waffles. You know the day is going to be ok when it starts out with waffles. 


As we were leaving we noticed that Sonia was working the front desk again. We thanked her again for her hospitality and started our days driving. Our drive should only be about 3 hours today (Well that is the plan).  After a couple of unscheduled pit stops for unexpected bathroom breaks, we started up into the mountains. My eldest son is once again riding shotgun as his brother likes to camp out in the back seat. It was smooth sailing until we got to Truckee.  My eldest son quickly demonstrated that the Wrong Way Willson title has passed on to the next generation. As soon as we got off the freeway in Truckee, he had me turning the wrong way. I quickly realized it was wrong as we drove thru Truckee. It is a beautiful, tourist trap kind of town. As I drove thru, I noticed a parking control officer busily writing tickets. I guess that is the same no matter what city you are in. It generates revenue…usually from out of town guests! 


We turned around and headed back the right way. But alas this would not be the first missed turn. We missed another and ended up going about 40 min out of our way. In a way it was a blessing, as I had not remembered to hit up an ATM and by this time we realized we were not going to be at the ranch for lunch. We stopped in a sleepy little California mountain town, filled up with gas, and went into the town general store. They had a great deli, an atm and I was able to get a local map, and directions to get back on track. We finally made it to the ranch at 14:30. 


We arrived to watch the safety talk. I then proceded to check us in. By the time I got all the luggage in the room, filled out the liability release forms and changed into long pants, the kids had had a horse checked out and were out on a trail ride with the other guests. I just looked around and said, “Hey, what about dad”!  Oh well, I took the free time to look around the ranch, meet some of the staff, and get the low down on what amenities was available. I found there is wireless internet available in our cabin…for a price. It is a community available service. I also found out there is free wifi available…if I walk down to the main lodge.  I like free, so I will walk when I need to log on.


The riders were back in about an hour or so. There is a nice size, stocked fishing pond on the property. The kids checked out fishing poles and started fishing. There are bass and trout in the pond. The trout are to be caught and released…the bass, they asked us to throw in the trash. The consider them pest…as the eat the frogs.  I longed to throw out a hook, but I also wanted the time to catch up with my mother and sister. So I did the grown up thing and put off the gratification until tomorrow.  We played some yard games and then the dinner bell was being wrung. We moseyed on up to the dinning room and sat down to some BBQ chicken and rice, and salad. I had mentioned to the lady at the desk that Bobby had missed his birthday cake because he was at scout camp…and low and behold, during dinner they brought out a cake and all the camp guest sang Happy Birthday to him. He had a big, if somewhat embarrassed smile on his face.


After dinner it was some more fishing for the kids, and more chatting for the adults. We signed up to go on the morning ride, and then headed to the Saloon for an evening of playing cards, video games, ping pong, and some pool.


The only thing that is a draw back to this ranch is there is no air conditioning in the cabins. It is very hot here, and it will take a while for the cabins to cool down enough for me to get to sleep. Oh well, that will allow me to type up my blog entries.


So as Bobby watches a movie on his laptop, and Brian reads, I type.


Good night
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photo by: adasplace