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Today is the 2nd full day on the ranch. Yesterdays rides really put a strain on one of my knees so I decided to take a day off from riding. Today will be a day of rest and relaxation. I spent the morning enjoying a book I bought on your way up to the ranch. For lunch today, the ranch was serving lunch out in the woods. Guests had a choice of riding to the clearing where the BBQ was to be served…or we could ride in a covered wagon. Well it was a modern version of a covered wagon. It had nice rubber tires and a modern suspension.  The wagon was hitched up to 3 mules. As I was talking to the couple that owned the mules I noticed that the tails of each of the animals was docked in such a way that it looked like there were bells cut into the tail. I asked if anybody knew what the bells meant and my mother (she had already been told) said, it let you know what the mules had been trained to do. Ride, Pack or Haul.   The first bell meant the mule was trained to carry a rider. The second bell meant the mule was trained to carry packs.  The third bell meant the mule was trained to haul a wagon.


The ride to the lunch was very nice. We got to talk to some of the other guests and enjoy the mountain scenery. Lunch was cheeseburgers, a macaroni salad, chips, and cookies. While we were there one of the ranch employees was taking family photos for a DVD they will be giving everybody when we leave.


After lunch we returned to the ranch and I continued my day of rest and relaxation. Played ping pong and pool with the boys, did some more reading and went swimming. I had planned to try my hand at fishing after dinner…but one of the ranch hands said they were taking the kids frog hunting in a bit and asked that we not fish. It would scare the frogs and make them harder to catch.  I am being eaten alive by mosquitoes so I decided to skip the frog hunt, but it was fun to watch and listen to the kids combing the reeds around the pond looking for frogs.


I decided to call it a night and headed back to our bunk house. Since we are going to go see the new Harry Potter movie when we get into Reno this weekend, I decided to watch the last DVD on my laptop.  When the movie was done I noticed it was after 11 and the boys were still not back. I went to go find them and told them it was time to call it a night.
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photo by: adasplace