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We were playing things by ear today. We all decided to sleep in this morning and skipped breakfast.  When we finally dragged ourselves out of bed we headed down to the game room to play some ping pong and video games. Soon it was lunch time. The kitchen served up a really good lunch of hot roast beef sandwiches on really fresh French rolls. Some dripping to dip the sandwiches in…oh so good.


After lunch I went down to check me email. Unfortunately I had a letter from my girlfriend that pretty much lets me know our relationship is over. I will not get into the details here, they are private. But I will say what she wrote hurt…as was her intention. That more than anything else made me see her in a different light.  Her decision to end the relationship caused another problem. She has been staying at my place dog sitting for me and the boys.  My first reaction was, “How comfortable can she be staying there after telling me I have killed our relationship?”  So I decided I needed to do something about finding somebody else to care for our little fur face. I sent off an email to a close friend and neighbor to see if they were in town and could help. Unfortunately it took him a day to get back to me. But that was eventually set up.


The rest of the day was kind of a blur. I got together with my Mother and Sister to let them know what was going on, and that I would probably have to cut the trip short. We are suppose to spend 3 days in Reno when we leave Saturday, but I think we will be leaving Reno Sunday morning instead of Tuesday.  After that was all explained to the family I had to pull the boys aside and let them know what was going on. Like your typical 14 and 15 yr olds, they took it in stride. They told me we will just do what ever needs to be done.


Dinner tonight was a BBQ on the lawn of the ranch. It was short ribs…ummm yummy!


After dinner, I decided I needed some quiet time so I bought another container of night crawlers and headed down to the pond to do some fishing. It was a nice evening and I had the pond to myself.  I caught 5 fish, but none were the prized trout…darn!!!  When the bugs were just to much, I put up the borrowed pole, and went into the saloon. They were doing another Karoake night for the kids since the first one went over so well. I was not really in the mood to be there. Suddenly one of the ranch hands handed me a slip of paper and told me I needed to call home, it was an emergency. Well that turned into some more relationship drama.  What a nice way to cap off my evening. Needless to say I tossed and turned all night.

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