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I guess my first real inspiration to start travelling came from Michael Palin. His programmes, but even moreso his books have been quite a source of inspiration for my travels (and my writing).
This is commonly known as the "Palin effect" and not unsurprisingly many of the destinations he visits experience a surge in tourism afterwards.

The first of his books I read was "Full Circle", and the route he had taken on this trip (circumnavigating the Pacific Rim) had inspired most of the destinations visited during my two-year venture around the world.
For example, his description of "the least visited national park in the world" was enough for me to travel to Southern Patagonia.
His books "Around the world in 80 days" and "Himalaya" form a main source of inspiration for the route this time around.

Another source of inspiration are the books by Charlie Boorman and Ewan McGregor - Their "Long Way Round" and "Long Way Down" books are excellent reads, but it is the latest trip Boorman did without McGregor, "By Any Means" that really gave me ideas for my trip.

He travelled mostly overland from Ireland to Australia, using mostly local or public transport. A long stretch of his trip followed the same route I will be taking through Turkey, Iran, India, Nepal and Southern China.

Then of course worth of mouth is always a good inspirator. My mate Ed travelled to the Ladakh region in India last year, and his stories and blog made me decide I had to visit that place as well one day. So imagine my joy now that not only Ladakh is one of the main destinations on this trip, but Ed will be accompanying me as well!

A couple of years ago a colleague of mine travelled from Amsterdam to India by motorcycle. While I don't see myself doing this trip on a motorcycle, it was his stories about Turkey and Iran that made me add these countries on my future destinations list.

In 2007 I travelled through the Middle East with my friend Derk, and we were both stunned by the friendliness of the people in the region. We decided that our next trip together should be to Iran.

And then of course there is Travbuddy. For the last two years I have been toying with the idea of travelling along the Silk Road, but it was the stories of ├╝ber-Travbuddy Deats that really made my mouth water.
Also worth mentioning is the blog by Sayohat, who also travelled the Central Asian region extensively.

Check out their blogs - they're worth it.


Jeroenadmiraal says:
I love Charlie Boorman and Ewan McGregor. Haven't read the books but I've seen the mini-series. Makes you want to jump on a motorcycle and just go
Posted on: Nov 30, 2009
Deats says:
Oh wow, i got a mention haha. Thanks :) I look forward to following your blogs as and when the trip begins!!!
Posted on: Nov 22, 2009
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