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me, all grown up and responsible

A wise man once said to me "30 is not the age to start growing up, 35 is..."

Between my 24th and 28th I did an ample amount of travelling. Sold my house, quit my job (twice), and spent pretty much every penny I earned on travelling. But as I reached my thirties, I suddenly found myself staring at something that resembled a career and my travels were limited to no more than a month per year.
But in the back of my mind I always had this thought: "I have to do one more big journey before I turn 35".

It seems that the older you get, the faster time goes by. It was about a year ago that I suddenly realised 35 was rapidly approaching and I had to put my money where my mouth was and start planning.
However, things have changed a bit since the last time I did this. While I'm not overly fussed about leaving my job, I don't want to sell my house this time. I mean, it was ok when at 26 I returned bankrupt, unemployed and homeless and had to move back in with my mum. Yet 10 years later I simply don't see this happening again. So I'd have to find a way to take half a year off from work, without the need to sell my house.

Secondly I had to start looking at possible destinations. The Himalaya area was still very high on my list, so I started looking at routes to get there, and soon discovered that my planned timeframe (June-December 2009) would not be the right season for any of the countries I was thinking of visiting. This coupled with some changes in my personal situation, meant that I would be much better off postponing my trip to March/April 2010 instead.


35 is not the age to start growing up at all...

36 is!

sylviandavid says:
Young in spirit is what I meant..... sylvia
Posted on: Apr 09, 2012
sylviandavid says:
Looking at your travel iterary it seems you have done well.... and Growing Up isn't all it's cracked up to be.... more fun to stay young.... hugs. sylvia
Posted on: Apr 09, 2012
pms70 says:
And, did you manage to do it yet or have you found someone to tell you otherwise so you have another excuse? :-P
Posted on: Apr 09, 2012
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me, all grown up and responsible
me, all grown up and responsible
photo by: Biedjee