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The journey from London, Gatwick to Corfu, Greece takes just over 2hrs and 30mins.  When you are wrapped up in a sardine can those 2hrs and 30mins feel so much longer.  We flew with Thomas cook out to Corfu, for me the leg room was not an issue but for tall people the leg room is a huge issue.  Anyone over 6ft tall will feel very cramped in that seat.  Even though I didn't have a problem with leg room I did have a problem with the passenger behind me.  As they were tall their knees were basically digging into the back of my seat, not only was it impossible for me to put my seat back but I could feel every twist and turn that the passenger was making.

The flight was pretty much filled with groups of guys or groups of girls heading out to the party town of Kavos.  With the year and the town printed on the back of their shirts, it was a dead giveaway.  The rest of the plane was filled with families taking their summer holiday's.  Beware of families with young screaming kids, avoid them at all costs.

The landing into Corfu was very smooth.  The runway is pretty short and as I later found out, Corfu is one of the most dangerous airports to land at because of this.  The exit stairs descent from from and back of the plane and a mini bus is waiting to transfer us to the terminal.  The ride is about 30 seconds long and we reach passport control.

Passport control was laughable.  One man waving the crowds into the terminal and singling out random people to have their passport checked.  Even at 4am in the morning the airport is still booming.  A couple of flights still arriving and plenty of people waiting for a departure.  Outside the terminal is full of coaches waiting to pick up people to take them to their resorts.  Plenty of taxis are available.  I'm not sure about you but when I travel I always like to know the cost of the transfer to the hotel, especially if I am planning on taking a taxi.  On this occasion I had not researched the price I should expect to pay, so instead I asked at the tourist info booth and the guy told us that we should be expected to pay less than €10. When we approached the taxi driver he quoted us €10 straightaway.  Perfect.  We find out later that some of our other friends paid more about €15.

The ride into Corfu town is very short about 10-15 mins.  We came up Garitsa bay with the Old fort in site.  We came around the south side of the Spianada and then past the Palace of SS Michael and George, also known as the Asian art museum.  We approach Donzelot Street and arrive outside Hotel Astron.  
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photo by: TaxMonkey