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Once the buffet breakfast (I limited myself to only 3 Danish pastries and a yoghurt) was over with at lightning speed, due to the fact that there were a few birds in the restaurant, we waited in reception for our snorkelling trip to start. A small bus took 12 of us out to the jetty and we boarded a grotty looking blue speedboat. Everyone started sitting down on the seats on the left side and the boat started tilting over, someone weigh down the other side, quick! The boat had a canopy over the top of it so phew we thought, at least we will be in the shade. Off we sped in our rickety boat, full speed ahead. The bench we had to sit on was hard metal/plastic and was really uncomfy, it was alright for the driver who had a thick padded cushion to sit on.

Faster we went and the water got choppier so the boat bounced along and our bums were smashed up and down on the hard bench. It was a bone shaking ride and seemed to last ages before we got to our first stop, Coral Island. Louise has taken some bread into the water with her to attract the fish and boy does it attract them! She has a huge following wherever she goes and they even start nibbling her hand. She offers Andy and me some bread to feed them with but we both wuss out, too scared to have fish touching us!After some snorkelling there we got on the boat to go round the other side of the island to Malang Rock for a bit more snorkelling and then on to the marine park. Last stop was Renggis Island and this was by far the best, lots of coral and different fish to see. They told us that they often see reef sharks there and Andy really wanted to see them so we swam around the entire island (it sounds impressive but it’s not that big) but didn’t see one.

After another bone shaking journey we arrive back with our bruised bums but still intact and luckily it’s lunch time!

Refusing to pay hotel prices we walk to the nearest restaurant outside of the hotel and what a great decision. Along the way we encounter a few monitor lizards and best of all, some monkeys! They stand in front of us and I get a few pics, then they start lifting each others tails up and sniffing bums. Eurgh! Then we see a tiny baby one hanging on it’s mothers belly it’s so sweet!

It’s about this time that we notice that we seem to be getting redder and redder. So much for that shade on the boat, turns out we’ve gotten really burnt from snorkelling and it’s getting really sore. Oh dear.

Later I fall asleep in the shade and Andy and Louise sit in the pool for ages trying to ease the burn but all they achieve is very wrinkly skin.

Walking out of the hotel grounds we hope to see more monkeys but all we see is a monkey trail of destruction, ripped open bin bags and banana skins discarded on the floor.

We have our evening meal at the cheap local restaurant. We all choose the Nasi Goreng which is gorgeous and on costs £1 each so we are back on budget..score!

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Tioman Island
photo by: faisal2702