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We decided we needed some beach action for a change of scenery. So we set off to Sentosa Island, Singapores man made resort. A taxi driver told us what the locals think Sentosa stands for : S.E.N.T.O.S.A; So Expensive Nothing To See Anyway.

That just about summed it up.

Sentosa Island is extremely commercial and all the beaches are man made using sand sourced from other coasts (like Cancun) and has a very false feel to the place. It provides an escape for the locals on the weekend as a trip to the seaside. There aren’t many sun loungers and even less shaded areas on the beach and therefore is way too scorching if the sun is out, which it was. There is a huge statue of a merlion (half lion, half mermaid) on the island.

Also, there are many view points of the city and a sky tower which Louise went up. Disappointingly, most views were of cranes and building sites as they are really going to town on this place. It always seems odd to me that when a country/resort wants to attract foreigners they appear to think – I know what they’ll like, a McDonalds by the sea, a dolphin in a swimming pool, fish ’n’ chips, a bloody great big water slide so they won’t want to leave the front gate and see our country.

As for expensive, don’t get me going. We stopped for lunch at a beachside café (they’re all beachside) and Andy and I decided to share nachos and melted cheese, I’m surprised the nachos and plate didn’t melt in that heat. The cheese was gross, it was like gloopy margarine accompanied with a small bag of Doritos in a bowl for a mega saving £6, mmmm filling.

We sat and drooled at Louises plate of potato wedges.

It soon became apparent, after a chat with a taxi driver that Singaporeans don’t really do cheese. He told us he’d had a first try of it just the night before, can you imagine that? I tried to explain the glorious world of cheese on toast, if only we’d have gotten stuck in traffic I could have told him about adding onions, chillis, tobasco etc. but it was hard enough explaining how to cook it. He spoke perfect English but could not grasp the fact that you didn’t microwave the cheese, or fry the bread from underneath to heat the cheese. So I suggested he order some stilton instead. I’m jealous of him, he has a whole world of cheese to discover.

After a MUCH needed shower, we went to the food court for tea (we don’t just eat all the time, we do other stuff too).the food court is a hive of activity where you can pick up any sort of food at a decent price. The best discovery was these little steamed coconut cakes filled with coconut. There is a sweet little old lady just dishing them out all day and night.

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