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Temple of 10,000 Buddahs

GO! 10,000 Buddhas monastery, first on the list. A few stops up the tube line and we arrive at Sha Tin, according to the guide book it’s a 15 minute walk from there following the “clearly signposted” route. If it was “clearly signposted” then it would take 2 minutes to reach, but as the sign is tucked away behind a building away from the main road, it does then take 15 minutes to find.

Once we reached the starting point we realise how high and far away it actually is to the top. 10,000 Buddhas is a monastery containing well over 10,000 Buddhas, there are hundreds of life size ones on the walk up and about 12,000 in and around the temples at the top of all sizes.

The monastery sits on top of a vast hill and from the bottom looks like a dot. The walk up is not too hard but not easy on the ol’ knees. We were there before anyone else, again (are we winners, or just plain losers). There was an almost bald, malnourished dog at the top, I knew there’d be dogs as there was plenty of evidence on the way up. If you saw him you’d want to feed him and tell him everything’s gonna be alright little fella.

NEXT! GO! GO! A different island – Lantau Island. A few tubes away followed by a long winding bus journey up a mountain. There was a cable car ride to the top but I thought this would be just as much fun. At the top there is a 200 tonne bronze Buddha statue atop a platform up yet more steps. There is also a vegetarian restaurant that serves a generous size meal with many bowls and plates of nice food, apart from one dish they brought over was a bowl of peas and sweetcorn in sauce.

Buddah on Lantau Island
I like most food, but not peas or sweetcorn, food of the devil, right up there with them little untrustworthy ginger skinheads – baked beans. No meat or alcohol is allowed within the vicinity yet there were a pair of American lads thinking they were ace, whooping (as usual) and taking photos of each other drinking cans of lager in the temple, I bet they’re still high fiving about it now. We get the cable car down.

That should have been our day done and dusted but choose to soldier on and go to Victoria Peak via the Peak Tram. The Peak Tram is a British tram that has something to do with royalty and has been on the go for years, I don’t know facts and figures that’s just sad and you would probably skip it anyway.

The main attraction is the view from the top overlooking the city, but to be honest we aren’t really too blown away by things like that, high rise buildings aren’t that wonderful no matter where you’re stood. Give us a mountain or canyon or rice fields any day. The tram back down goes backwards and is quite steep, if you plan on taking this trip lose your manners and be rude to make sure you get a seat.

Tonight we are back in time for the Symphony of Lights show, best seen from the Avenue of Stars. This is strip of walkway with stars embedded in the ground (similar to that in Hollywood). The avenue overlooks the water between Kowloon and HK Island, the light show is a series of lights, lasers and music, many buildings light up and shoot out lights, lasers etc.

into the sky. It isn’t in time to the music, I think it would be better if it was, the sky was a bit foggy and would be much better on a clear night but to me the whole thing seems a bit pointless and disappointing, I sound like a right miserable arse don’t I?

Then we went for some uncooked Chinese chicken served with a slap in the face. I am starting to realise that the Chinese maybe aren’t as rude as I had thought but it is just their no-nonsense charm and maybe we are at fault as we are constantly dishing out insincere thank you’s, pleases, sorry’s, when it’s not always necessary. But that’s just how we are I suppose. This is proper Doogie Howser signing off paragraph, I’d better go to bed.

bastian8 says:
Oh my gosh! I grew up between Hong Kong and the States. Its so beautifull, and your photos brought so many fun memories back. Thanks for sharing!!
Posted on: Jul 17, 2009
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Temple of 10,000 Buddahs
Temple of 10,000 Buddahs
Buddah on Lantau Island
Buddah on Lantau Island
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