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Bran Castle. Supposed castle of Dracula
The place is best described as a European Malaysia: Dirty, smelly, and poor.
Except for diffence that the people are rude and its about 1000times smokier.

Smoking is a national sport. they have competitions to see who can smoke the most in a day- im sure of it.
Some people hold multiple burning cigarettes in their hand at one time (im not joking!)

Everyone is constantly trying to rip you off as well. I paid up to 5 times as much for a taxi ride as i knew I should some times..

needless to say i had a ball...

I visited the Royal Peles Castle in Sinaia in the mountains.
it is the most technically advanced and modern castle in Europe.
it has central heating, central a/c, full electric lights, central ducted vacuuming, indoor cellar swimming pool.
Bran Castle. Supposed castle of Dracula
the library also had a secret door which i loved. overall it was very impressive. no pics were allowed inside though. it was ridiculously extravagant inside. everywhere you looked there was some exotic carving, trinket, painting, silk work etc etc

I also visited Bran Castle. one of three castles claimed to be the birth of the Dracula myth. disappointedly, and incredibly confusingly, was the fact there was actually no mention of Dracula in the castle. so much for cashing in on a myth! the castle was very pokey and awkward and not at all ominous, dark or brooding. i looked for coffins, torture chambers, blood stains, virgins... but nothing. i did however take several photos to which Dracula did NOT appear in - as suspected. almost irrefutable proof he was there...

I was working in central Romania where the horse and cart is still a very popular mode of transport.
Inside the castle!
i saw lots of them and its funny sitting at the traffic lights next to one. the carts do have wheels with rubber tyres though. so they seem quite modern...

the oil fields were quite disgusting. they lose about 20% of their production (ie oil) to piping leaks so oil is going everywhere. when we arrived at the site i thought we were there to look at an old abandoned exploded plant only to find it was still operational and was infact what we were working on!

i had both a translator and driver accompany me which had skills in neither of those activities. so I was pretty much kept on my toes the entire time.

Bucharest was an interesting city. seems there is a lot of 'dirty' money in the town and the disparity between the poor and rich was quite disturbing. there was nothing really of note in the city. except for an abundance of beautiful women and an equal abundance of un-beautiful men. strange that....im not sure who of those parties is more cursed by that unfortunate scenario...

I didnt really rate the food too well either. diet consists of at least four full courses. mostly broiled and over cooked meats (to compensate for how tough it is), followed by too much bread, potato and cheese. i couldnt believe how much they eat! regardless. it was very hard to find a good restaurant.

all in all, im glad i can now cross Romania off the list.
finding no evidence of Dracula was a huge disappointment.
but the hot chocolate rocks!

Luci26 says:
European Malaysia???!!!
Wow, I don't think so man
Posted on: Oct 25, 2007
misshepburn says:
I can't say I agree with you. Romania has to be one of my favorite places in the world. I'll admit it may take a while to understand and appreciate, but believe me, it's worth it. Better luck next time!
Posted on: Jul 02, 2007
Luci26 says:
I am sorry for your trip to Romania man, unfortunately you didn't had such a good experience, you were in 2 of the uglyest places in romania Pitesti and Ploiesti :)
You could came over to Trasylvania for the best part of Romania :)I wish you better travelings :)
Posted on: Apr 30, 2007
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Bran Castle. Supposed castle of Dr…
Bran Castle. Supposed castle of D…
Bran Castle. Supposed castle of Dr…
Bran Castle. Supposed castle of D…
Inside the castle!
Inside the castle!
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