DAY10 - Cancelled Ayuthayya tour

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By this time, the airport were still not open and my friend's parents & bf were worried sick and panicking. They begged her to come home ASAP, I firmly said I'm staying, I'm not letting little riots ruin my holiday, besides I've already paid for my tours & I intend to not let it go to waste. Besides, if my parents & bf weren't worried, then why should I? Mine were just calm & collected (like me). I told my parents I was planning to stay back but they knocked some sense into me and told me to be a nice friend. She begged that we get a ticket out of Thailand. So we didn't go to our Ayutthayya tour, we went to MBK, used the internet, looked for flights. Found one on the 3rd of Dec & booked it right away. It cost me an extra $950, I wasn't happy and it showed on my face. She asked me if I was ok with it, I said "no not really but who cares? It's done." Told my parents that I've booked a ticket, their reactions were predictable. LOL They said I was being irrational, I should've waited & see if the airport will open by the time we have to fly. I argued and said, oh well at least we have a contingency plan, in case the Thai Airways flight falls through. We spent the day researching ways to get out of Bangkok. We went to Hualam Phong train station, bought sleeper train tickets to Surat Thani. From Surat Thani, we were planning to hire a private car to take us to Phuket.
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photo by: Deats