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When I reach the Como train station to take my train back south, the muffled loudspeakers crackle something about the train being late… there’s trash scattered about the station… the departure screens are frozen… and the ticket attendant tells a German woman to just buzz off when he can’t understand her speaking to him in English…


I miss Switzerland already.


But then I have another thought:  maybe living in a Perfect World might not be such a good idea.  Maybe I’d get used to everything being on time, maintained in perfect order and everybody being polite and speaking 4 languages that once I go back to the “real world” I won’t be able to cope.  Maybe it’s better to live in a world where you always have to be alert and keep your street smart instincts well honed because you never know when something might go wrong or someone might try to rip you off…


Now that I think about it, I actually miss Casablanca, Morocco, not Switzerland


Well, Casablanca is just a few days away, so let’s make these last few days of my journey count.


My next big stop is Bergamo, where I’m going to meet up with an Italian fellow I met in Senegal last January.  But he’s not available until after lunch, so I’m going to cram in a couple more towns before then.


This area north of Milan is pack with towns every two miles or so.  I have no idea which ones are most interesting, so I’ll just pick one at random:  Monza


Monza is a bustling town with central pedestrian only old time churning with activity.  You’ve got your open air market, your dramatic War Memorial, your noisy political rally--  and even a cathedral that looks like a mini-Duomo style… It’s got all the charm of an Italian Old City that I have come to love…


I’m going to miss this country.

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photo by: Grpablo