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From Massagno I head down towards the north edge of Lugano to make my way from there towards downtown and the lakeside.  After 15 villages, it’s time to experience a Swiss city. 


It’s a pleasant walk--  nothing all that special.  None of the grandiose architecture of, say, nearby Austria or France.   I don’t think cities is Switzerland’s strong point. Maybe that’s a good thing.  Keep in mind, many of the great monuments and structures of Europe were built by forced labor, so maybe Lugano should be proud of its lack of grand structures…


There are a couple nice fountains, and of course a classy shopping area where you can buy a 30,000 Euro Swiss watch… and a nice little statue of William Tell… But the real attraction of Lugano is the beautiful lakeside, with mountains bulging out all around it.

  One looks a lot like Sugar Loaf Mountain in Rio de Janeiro


A friendly Swiss French couple see me taking my clip and offer to hold my camera for me… They suggest that I should explore the French side of Switzerland--  that’s where the real beauty is…


I continue on along the lake, past manicured gardens and lawns… In one park I stumble across a little Swiss counter-culture where young folks gather to smoke pot--  but even there you don’t see any trash strewn around…


Finally I reach one last garden before the steep mountain slope and there I’m fully inspired to play my songs…


As I head on back towards downtown to wander around the crisp and clean alleys of Lugano, I have this little fantasy… What if I were to move here to paradise, get a job here… and enjoy this perfect country all the time?


But I know it wouldn’t work for me.

  Paradise is a great place to visit, to be inspired and get a glimpse of what the world could be like… but I would want to live here… I need life to be a bit unpredictable, a bit dangerous.  This isn’t the “real world”… I need to stay in touch with the real world and the real struggles that the vast majority of humanity has to deal with.

I need to get back to Morocco.


And with this thought in mind, I head back up to my hostel in Savosa and go to sleep. 

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photo by: hellenica