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After my tour of Reggio Emilio, I just sit on a bench for a bit to think back on what I’ve experienced over the last few days.  And to my horror, I suddenly realize that I can’t for the life of me remember where I was or what I did two days ago! 


I know I saw some beautiful, historical cities--  but what they were and what I saw, I just can’t remember!


I know this is just a temporary lapse.  Looking back at a map and at photos, I’m sure it’ll all come back.  But I think this is a signal:


I am reaching Saturation Point.


See, I’ve had these fantasies of travelling indefinitely from town to town, month after month and year after year.

  I’ve always wondered, if I had the means to do so, would I be able to travel and parkbench indefinitely, non-stop?


Well, it looks like I have my answer.  No.  My mind cannot absorb an unlimited number of memories and experiences.  Now that I’ve visited 167 towns back to back, I think I’m approaching my limit.

But what about people who do travel for years on end, do they have better memories then me?  No.  I guarantee that people who travel for 5 years nonstop don’t visit 3 new cities every single day.  They do “low density” travel… chilling out for a week here, for two weeks there… At the end of 3 years, they look back and 80 percent is just a blur…


This kind of travelling that I’ve been doing has it’s time limits and I think that the fact that I can’t remember day before yesterday proves that I’m reaching that limit.


Of course there’s another factor to be considered as well:  over these last few days, I’ve been exploring a lot of cities that looked very similar to each other.

  If I were exploring completely different types of cities (like my “Great Cities of Europe” let) I’d be able to cram in a lot more memories before getting saturated.


So what am I to do now? I’ve still got 9 more days.  That’s maybe another Italian cities and town that may look a lot like what I’ve just seen…


Then I have a very cool idea:  I’m going to go to Switzerland after all. I’m going to cap this trip off by fulfilling my childhood dream of visiting “Paradise on Earth”…


I look at the map.  It’s definitely doable.  I can pick up the pace a bit, go to Milan, keep going just a little farther north, and cross the border to Switzerland.  If it’s just to expensive for me, I can just cross back to Italy again… It’s worth a try at least…


So… I’m going to Switzerland


Oh… and where am I now? I’m in a little village of San Ilario… There’s, uh, a church… one interesting looking building… a tall apartment building… basically nothing to see here…

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Sant'Ilario d'Enza
photo by: nathanphil