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I find myself in another enclave of French luxury, both old and new.  The chateau is  splendid mansion, perfectly symmetrical with the typical steep gray roofs, high windows and manicured garden all around… real eye candy.  Today I won’t ponder on the causes of the French Revolution… I’m just going to enjoy the beauty of the place.


I make a loop around to the front entrance of the chateau where I take my clip.  Then I head on south to fancy downtown Maisons Laffite.  This town is different from any of the others.  It has severeal long, wide lawns that stretch almost all the way across the town where locals and tourists can stroll or ride bikes… It has a very grand, spacious feel, a bit like Marly le Roi or Versailles, except here the royal parks run right through the middle of the town.


The downtown is a lot denser but classy as well.  I still want to explore the town a bit more, but first I decide to take a quick hike south to Mesnil le Roi…


On the way back…


After Mesnil le Roi, I head on back to Maisons Laffite to explore it a bit more.  According to the map, most of the streets coverge on these huge gardens/traffic circles which look like that must really be worth discovering… So I try to forget about my aching feet and shoulders, and hike up the long lawn parks to find them… They turn out to be just fairly simple gardens or fountains--  nothing spectacular… but I guess it’s still work seeing another facet of French culture.

Like Le Veniset, this is where the many of the Paris wealthy live.

  Thanks to it being so spread out, and being right next to the St Germain Forest, it’s especially popular with horse lovers, and there are horse trails and semi-forest sections all throughout the town.  And by the size of people’s yards, you’d assume that we’re in Texas, not a stones throw from Paris.


The town is surrounded by forests on the north and the west, and south are towns that I’ve already explored… so I guess that only leaves east…


I head back towards the river to a quiet little park… empty except for a young couple dressed in punk style--  the girl carrying a giant white rat on her shoulder…  Maybe not everybody here in Maisons Laffite feel like they fit in…

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Maisons Laffitte
photo by: nathanphil