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I wake up early in the morning and head through the forest on south towards Versailles.  It’s a pleasant way to start out the day--  until I check my compass and realize that I’m heading in the wrong direction!  Apparently the roadI is on was just making a big loop… So I backtrack a bit and head on down a footpath deep into the forest, past an occasional horse farm and campground…


Then suddenly, the forest ends and I’m walking through the middle of an American style apartment complex--   you know, every building looks alike… That’s strange… supposedly there’s nothing but forest until I reach the freeway…


I continue on until I find a bus stop with a map so I can figure out where I am.  I’m a bit east of the main road to Versailles, in a town called La Celle St Cloud. 


Now I must make a decision: should I head on west down towards Versailles, or do I loop back to “clean up” the towns like Chatou and Bougival that I kind of skipped on my way down?  After a bit of debate I decide to head back… I want to finish up a nice big “clump” of suburbs… Versailles can wait for another time…


La Celle St Cloud is my first American style suburb in France… it has absolutely no history to it… just sprawling apartment complexes interrupted by an occasional park or strip mall.  Even the Mairie is an ugly 70s style steel and glass structure. 


Hey, it’s nice to break the routine a bit… and from a hilltop, the whole area looks more like a forest, so it has a nice feel to it.


I do a bit of shopping at the supermarket.  I’ve had no luck finding cheap places to eat so far--  even my staple when travelling in Europe, the Turkish doner is overpriced here in France, so I’m going to have to buy canned food and haul it around with me…


Now let’s head on back north.

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La Celle St Cloud
photo by: nathanphil