Raindrops keep falling on my head!!! or how having breakfast can really screw up your day

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Well hello there!

I`m in a murderous mood today, having had a rather annoying, bad, filled with nothing kind of day.  But more on that later.  Yesterday was another sweltering day and I caught the bus down to Postojna.  Its a small town, nice enough, but nothing very interesting going on.  Its about half way to the coast and only took an hour on the bus to get to.  Which gives an idea of the size of Slovenia.  Temperatures nudging 32, similar to the hottest it got in London a few weeks back, and didn`t really cool down until five or so.  I`m staying in a college dorm, but will probably move tomorrow to the other hostel in town, as its a bit boring here, and I`m hoping there maybe other people around.  Not talking to people is beginning to get to me.  I went to visit the Postojna caves.  These are huge caves, highly decorated and a massive massive tourist attraction.  There must have been two hundred people on this tour and there were about seven a day.  It involved a cool train ride then a very sanitised walk around (due to the huge number of people).  Got dripped on quite a lot!  Owing to the size it wasn`t a great experience but the stuff in there meant it could have been and much of it was amazing to look at.  Got some good photos and video before told not to take any photos and video, everyone else was!!  And there was a huge cavern at the end.  Which they`d put a massive sauropod skeleton (big diplodocus type dinosaur for the non geologists) in in one corner to make the place seem even larger.  It had a six second echo which was really cool.  Overall, a rubbish tour in an amazing cave, definitly worth the admission.

There was a massive thunderstorm last night, which woke me up, loads of rain.  And the rain kept going, albeit lighter, for most of the morning.  Unfortunately my watch fell off where I put it last night and when I woke I went on the time of my mobile phone, and consequently got another hour and a half`s lie in.  When I finally put my watch on after showering, I realised I hadn`t changed the time on my mobile yet and that I the train I was planning on getting was leaving in five minutes time.  I had been intending on going to Skojcan caves, a UNESCO sight and whilst smaller in stalagmites, stalagtites and pillars etc, just an impressive cave system that I had wanted to go and see.  Damn.  So I hurried down to the bus station, stopping to buy breakfast at the mini-supermarket.  Arrived at the bus station to see when the bus that could get me close to the caves (to a town called Divaca) was leaving.  Three minutes before I arrived apparently.  Damn me and my need for breakfast.  And it was raining.  So I went off to the train station to see if there was a train there.  Not until two, which was a bit late to guarantee me getting on a tour and a bus back to Postojna for the night.  My last chance was back at the bus station and the bus to Nova Gorica which might have stopped at Divaca.  The rain had stopped and I had a friendly conversation with two australians from Canberra, so chatted to them about Canberra for quite a while, interupted only by a passing, slow moving, horn honking, probably wedding related line of cars, with blue ribbons attached to the wing mirrors and ladies waving white hankerchiefs out of open windows.  I was starting to feel as if the day could go allright.  But alas, as the clouds darkened once more, the bus arrived, but was not going to be stopping at Divaca.  It began to rain, and my day was pretty much over.  The church in town wasn`t open so I couldn`t even distract myself with a little culture.  I went back to the hostel, sulked, slept, went for a walk to see the rest of the town - ie not much apart from a hypermarket and a cemetary, sulked a bit more, read a fair amount and generally waited, not having a good time.

When travelling there are days that always end up being non-events.  Some are due to hours spent waiting for transport, or on transport, but the feeling of actually getting somewhere, however slowly, tends to negate this.  Some days are lost due to sheer tiredness, but day three should not be one of them.  And some are lost to hangover, occasionally frustrating, but usually worth it.  (Missing the Cusco valley tour to nurse headaches and watch the Lion King in bed springs to mind).  To lose a full day from being stupid is really annoying and put me in a very bad mood.  Not to mention I`m not particularly enjoying travelling on my own at the moment.  Its fine when doing something, but to not do something all day is not good.  Bad experiences are made better in groups as they bring people together, (normally, though occasionally really far apart also happens!).

Anyway, I treated myself to a decent dinner tonight, indulging in local dishes involving a soup that wasn`t really anything but spaghetti water, baked gnocchi smothered in mozarella which was excellent apart from the burnt almond garnish and pork loin with asparagus and bacon in a very boozy sauce.  Pretty good.  The bacon I really liked, it was thinner but tougher than "normal" bacon.  Kind of like cooked parma ham, tasted like that too.  And a chocolaty spongy. creamy, bananary pudding thing.  A bit like tiramisu but without the coffee (if thats not a contradiction in terms!) which was nice.  Nicer than tiramisu, but then I don`t like tiramisu, which I think may be something banned by law, but I`ll check that.  Good food increases the Nico scale of happiness by several points so I`m no longer quite as sulky as I was.  Plus the sky is looking clearer.

Hopefully more fun in the next two days before returning to Ljubljana, forecast predicts better things.  Monday should be reasonably epic, so am looking forward to that.  Also, why is the proportion of fun I`m having inversly related to the length of my blog.   Shorter to blogs to come no doubt!

Adios Amigos

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photo by: Jeroenadmiraal