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Well, the bridges are very fine!!  And there are several more fine bridges if you head away from the city centre, but that`s not really the point.  Ljubljana is a lovely city, definitely one of my favourites.  We`ve spent three days here, and that seems like the right amount of time.  Perhaps if you`ve got a penchant for museums you could make it more, but Ljubljana deserves so much more than the one day, one look round the city centre that it so often gets from what I`m beginning to refer to as "tour tourists"  (the ones that "do" countries in a couple of days).  The castle that sits perched on the top of the hill in the centre of the city is pretty, but by no means an amazing example yet it is most of what people see here.

During the course of our three days we`ve been to the botanical gardens, the ethnographic museum (which is a very very good and interesting museum housed in a very cool modern but still well designed building), various churches, bridges as I`ve mentioned before, an entertaining zoo, large parks, art galleries, roman ruins and walls which whilst tricky to find are well worth the visit and not behind ropes and glass like any roman remains elsewhere.  You could pretty much walk across the ruins and really explore.  There are places to do some quirky shopping, amazing markets, and a shop that sells sixty different kinds of tea, the almond cookie flavour was particularly good, as was Shell`s cherry and black tea.  The city has a vibrant nightlife with street cafes absolutely everywhere, people begin filling them up at about nine in the morning for a morning espresso (the typical Slovene breakfast) and they don`t empty until well after midnight.  There are ice cream stands everywhere (and consequently we`ve had loads of ice cream).  The days are gloriously hot without being overly so (about 31, 32).  The evenings stay warm for hours.  The nights aren`t muggy.  There is this really refreshing warm breeze that pervades most of the city.  Ljubljana has such a relaxed atmosphere it shard to believe its a capital city, theres no rush, no bustle, its not dirty.  And architecturally, its a beautiful, beautiful city, some Baroque, some other styles (which I don`t know the name of), few hideous buildings.  The city is big enough for there to be lots to do, but not too big as to need a bus or public transport to explore and get around.  The bars and restaurants varied enough for a good selection of food and drink.  All in all I absolutely love this city.  Its amazing and a must see.  Its like an Italian city but cleaner, less rushed, and without the italians(!).  Miss this one at your peril.

So`ve become a six, I met the other five as we all converged simultaneously on the hostel.  Its been good fun and a real laugh.  We`ve eaten in twice but also had an excellent night out at a local restaurant trying out some typical Slovene dishes.  The boar with cranberries was good, but Chris` pork and prunes was exceptional.  We`ve headed out every night for a drink and an ice cream on one of the many riverside cafes.  Its been a very relaxing three days here, very chilled.  But having said that it`ll be nice to go and do some more adventurous stuff up in the alps in Bled, which is where we are heading next.

Until next time.
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photo by: Chokk