Dubrovnik is special, and remains special, despite attempts to stop it being so.

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So yeah!

Now in Dubrovnik, staying in a hostel perched up the side of a hill with far too many steps to get to comfortably.  Its just a bit too hot, there are a few too many tourists (and by a few I mean shed loads), the churches aren`t dingy enough to provide any welcome shade.  And the shops are so full of crap that nobody in their right mind would ever want to buy a souvenir from this place.  And occasionally people try and shell it (well, not for a while).

And yet Dubrovnik remains such a cool place to be and such a great place to visit.  It might even be better than Split, which it shares a certain resemblance too.  Nestled inside high city walls, with beautiful red tiled roofs and smooth marbled pavements with absolutely no traffic, and drinking fountains, which when travelling with Shell, are vitally important.  There is a wide main street and then lots of little passages, steps and side streets to wander along with cosier restaurants and shops, plus a few squares with more cafes and restaurants.  If you were going to design a city, you`d design Dubrovnik, or at least I would.

As this is our last destination we decided to totally ditch the guidebook in this city, and wander round on our own, exploring churches and such on our own.  So we probably haven`t seen the culture we`ve been meant to see.  But we have got a hold of the ambience.  We`ve eaten mussels and fish, ducked through a hole in the city walls to find this little rocky outcrop/beach right in the city centre.  Been swimming in crystal clear and deliciously warm waters.  Walked the walls, visited a few churches, shopped for tourist tat and not bought any.  Eaten sufficient ice creams (one has to maintain one`s ratio you know) and wandered around the city`s aquarium.  Lovely stuff and nice and relaxing.  Plus dinner and wine on our terrace at our accomodation high above the city with amazing views (not quite of the old town) of the city and the adriatic stretching away into the distance.  Its been a chilled out, most excellent end to the trip.

One more entry to come, see you soon amigos, Nico is coming home!

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photo by: EmEm