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Hello again all.  I guess all holidays have to start in this way.  True to form I only got four hours sleep last night having been up late to see the new Harry Potter movie (woo Surbiton!) and then up early to catch an early bus to Stanstead in order to sit around in the terminal for an improbably long amount of time because it wasnt worth risking the later bus.  Finally on the easyjet flight sit squished against the window by a large man with some noisy kids behind.  Jumping back into the deep end I think thats known as.

For those that dont know Im in Ljubljiana in Slovenia on the first leg of this years travelling extravaganza involving three and a half weeks in the more northerly Balkan states.  Im on my own for the first five days, which is pretty scary.  Ive tried it before and got bored but then only really after exhausting the Dublin tourist trail, so Im trying it again before the others (Chris W, Alex, Adam, Shell and Charli) arrive on Tuesday.  Its been a difficult process even to get where we/I am now, but hopefully it should be a good trip.  Keyboards again get a mention as they always seem to do.  Z and Y are the wrong way round and I havent yet figured out how to use an apostrophe on the keyboard.  Oh well, lots of time to learn.

Ive only been in Ljubljana for about four hours but I love the place already.  Big enough for stuff to happening, small enough to walk anywhere,  I arrived in perfect photo weather and timing, blue skies with a descending sun.  The whole city was rather pretty.  And it seems to have a pretty buzzing nightlife based on street cafe culture, with loads of bars and restaurants on the streets surrounding the river and main plazas or trgs as they are known.  Looks like lots of fun, and I cant wait to explore properly when everyone else gets here.  Loads and loads of ice cream places too, and they look amazingly good in an italian ice cream kind of way.  Im pretty useless at striking up conversations with randomers in hostels and heading out for a night with them, and since Ive been up for ages, Im probably heading to bed sometime soon.  Off towards the southwest of the country tomorrow to see caves and castles and such.  Before returning to Ljubljana to meet up with everyone else.

Apparently the showers are all cold here, I cant wait!

Till whenever!
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photo by: Chokk