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Hey everybody,

So this blog is out of the ordinary I guess, I want to take you inside my date. So this blog is geared more toward the ladies so guys if you find that is sucks that may be the reason why.  Anyway before I tell you about the date, anyone that doesn’t know where I live should realize I live out in the country on a farm without any animals. So here we go:

 I felt her moisturized forearm against mine as we strolled through yard en-route to my secret date location. The fine blades of neatly trimmed grass ended abruptly at the edge of a freshly cut wheat field. A sea of golden stems begging to the clouds high above for a pleasant rain shower so they could grow back strong and rich for the second harvest. Trying to watch our step over the distorted topsoil over turned long ago by a disk blade plow, I allowed her to use my body as a steadying device. Just hoping that she would not twist her ankle into an awkward position to cause pain. If she felt the slightest twist of pain the night could be ruined and I would happily carry her back to the house so she didn’t suffer any more damage. We traversed the wheat field without any hiccup in the plan; the golden stems came to a stop at the feet of the giant trunks of sweet corn grown in tightly constricted rows. I lead her straight into a jungle of green pushing aside the stalks to clear a path for her. The ears of corn strike me like a fourth grader with a wiffle ball bat; the leaves on the corn stalks provide micro scratches on my arms. I take comfort in knowing that none of these things are happening to the gorgeous young lady following me closely, so close I can feel her hand tenderly bumping into the small of my back as she clutches my shirt.

In this field of corn it is completely private except to maybe the air. The world disappears, and nothing exists except her and I and the ridiculously high corn. I let my hand slide around my back searching for her hand. I rotate to face her, as our palms settle together, we are standing still and all is quiet and peaceful. There is not even a hint of a breeze to disrupt the yellow tussles six feet above our heads, no traffic can be heard, not even the rustle of a busy squirrel. I gracefully lift her chin with two fingers so our eyes meet; I lean in and feel the hot wetness of her soft lips touch mine. We allow our lips to linger together for a few moments out of sheer pleasure. But knowing that the light of day is fading rapidly I pull her hand tight into my under arm and push through the remaining rows. We precipitously fall out into a wide circle of a second wheat field, but we have arrived at the secret date location. Two single trees standing 30 feet apart, like an island in the vast Pacific Ocean. The trees sit at the top of a slow rolling hill giving its location an awesome perspective of the nearby land.

Emerging from the corn field had made a lot of noise and in the distance a herd of deer scamper away seeking refuse in a near by forest. Now we have this haven all to ourselves. The sky is a brilliant light blue as the sun is descending toward the horizon. I stretch an old blanket out on a flat barren piece of dirt; just far enough out pasted the reach of the outstretched tree branches to see the sky. We both sit down, she sits cross-legged in front of me, and we fall into a conversation about the life, love, dreams, fear and the future. Time trickles by as we get to know each other intently.

The sun started to disappear behind the horizon when she climbed into my lap. Resting her beautiful long blonde hair on my chest and ever so gracefully grasping my arm and pulling it across her lap to hold her tight. This sunset is very radiant, and full of vivid color. This astounding display is put on every night and to think that there were none more perfect than this. The light blue has faded into yellow, which has slid magically into a crisp burnt orange. This romantic experience is heightened with the cool night breeze sweeping in from out of nowhere. The cloud tops glow white capturing the last light of the day making them look like a glacier in an ocean.

Time races by now and night is upon us. The temperature is not too hot not too cold just right (sorry for the little red riding hood reference) I can feel the soft slow beat of her heart against my chest. I almost question if she has fallen asleep in my arms when I hear a gently forced exhale of her mouth, as if she were wishing that we could stay here forever. I considered bringing candles prior to this occasion, but this summer night boosts an awesome and very pleasant surprise. Fireflies glow in the dark night in search of their future partners. Millions of glowing flashes illuminating the night, almost like the light of thousands of miniature candles. If there was any anxiety from the day’s events it has been melted away with the sunset. Everything here is peaceful, I squeeze her ever so lightly and slide my hand around to the base of her neck and slowly lower her head onto the blanket. Realizing this is a slight blunder because the ground under the blanket is hard I pull of my shirt and slide it under her head for a make shift pillow. This action proves to be vain as I lie down beside her, she places her head into the perfectly formed headrest, where my arm, shoulder and torso meet. We lay there entangled for hours with her arm stretched across my stomach. Peering into the beautiful night sky hoping that one of the few remaining clouds do not block our view of the brilliant starry sky. Fortune smiles on us this night as the stars glimmer and seemingly dance in the night sky undistorted from our vantage point.

A single meteor streaks across the sky with a trail of blinding white light behind it. She suddenly moves in an urgent effort to sit up. She turns too look at my face as her hair falls beside her cheeks. She looks deeply into my eyes and says “Make a wish.” The only words spoken since the sun disappeared from view. I smiled and made my wish. Then In a graceful motion I push the lose strands of hair behind her ear allowing my fingers to slide down behind her ear. Removing them all except for one as I trace the shape of cheek. Almost like an acknowledgement of my finger she slowly leans in to seal the unspoken agreement to keep our wishes a secret with a kiss.

This is where the story ends. This was my perfect date. Except for one minor detail, well actually a major detail. There was no girl I was alone. Just me, my journal and my imagination sitting on a dead tree branch under those two trees. Ink spilling out of the end of my pen to form words, my fingers writing as fast as they could to keep up with my imagination. So ask me of my perfect date, you may read something like the story that has just been told. Some of the best dates or even moments in life are completely unplanned and fall perfectly into place. This is my story of my perfect imaginary date.

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