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Music from a classical radio station echoed off the walls. Almost as if an automatic reaction to the racket my arm reached up and pounded the snooze button into obliteration. The music continued to play, as it always seems I tend to hit the button way to early and often on a normal day. But today wasn’t normal it was a Saturday and I would finally have a chance to sleep in after a long week at work. Finally I decided to pull the plug out of the electrical socket. Feeling my way against the wall with my hand I felt the plastic outline of the protective plastic socket cover, then my fingers touched the power cord. With one quick jerk of the wrist and the room fell back into silence and the plug landed on the floor.

Sleep return quickly and easily, seconds rapidly turned to minutes, minutes rolled into hours. In my deep sleep I rolled over, however in the direction that I had rolled there was no bed. I threw my hand out instantaneously; it hit the wall with a loud thud as I tried to keep my body from hitting the floor. Eating the hardwood floor is not the most comfortable way to wake up. I pushed myself back up onto the bed. I lay still for a couple of minutes taking things in, I heard the dull roar of the lawn mower somewhere outside, more than likely my brother was the one at the controls. I guessed the time to be somewhere around 11:30 a.m. My eyes searched for the now unplugged alarm clock. Realizing I had deprived it of its electrical power source I searched for my phone. Finding it lying under the bed I hit the power button and it sprung to life. The screen read Saturday 18th 3:31 p.m. No wonder I felt rested, I had slept away half of the day. I laid back down, mistake, I fell asleep again for another hour. Coming to my senses I realized I was blowing away an entire day. I had to find something to do with what  little time left in the day, something that actually made sense. I drug myself out of bed and stumbled into the bathroom and turned the knobs for the shower. The water flowed out of the showerhead in a steady steam. Usually showers average about seven minutes for me when taking my time. But there was nothing important for me to do today, so I took my time.

30 minutes later I climbed out of the shower dried off and dressed. 5 p.m. and I hadn’t eaten anything in the last nineteen and a half hours in fact since 9:30 Friday night not only had I not eaten I had not done anything at all. I scampered up the stairs to find some munchies, satisfied with a hand full of potato chips. I found that my brother and I were the only ones at home. I returned to my room to watch a movie I have seen no fewer than a dozen times before. At the moment I am writing this I can’t even remember what the movie was. The movie came to its conclusion and I turned to check the time. With the plug of the alarm clock still on the ground I picked it up and plugged it back in. The big red digital digits flash to the correct time automatically. Satellite clock, ah where would we be without technology? 8:00 p.m., A buddy of mine promised to invite me out with some college girlfriends of his. I grabbed my cell phone and climbed into bed to await his call. I pulled the covers in snug and wait. Mistake number two, apparently sleeping for too long makes you sleepy. I was out like a light.

11:30 p.m. that’s what the numbers on the clock read when I opened my eyes. Congratulations to me I wasted an entire beautiful day on nothing. I literally did nothing all day, nothing that made any sense, nothing that was interesting, nothing to write about.

I made a promise to myself right there. I would try my best to never waste away a day again. I realize that we don’t have a lot of time on this earth. The last thing I need to be doing is blowing an entire day. If you ever want to actually live you have to set yourself up with the opportunity to live. You can’t sit around and expect things to fall right into your lap. I hated myself for not doing anything, for not living it up even for just a day. It’s not a day worth telling anyone about and yet I am. I don’t yet know the reason for writing this, maybe its to say that time is valuable and shouldn’t be wasted. Maybe it’s to take from this stupid experience and learn not to do it again. I don’t really know I just hope that it never happens again.

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Hey Everybody,

I receive letters in the mail all the time, nothing new. Birthdays, Christmas, Easter and on the rare occasion Valentines Day. However today’s letter took my breath away, leaving me perplexed and quite frankly astounded. With these emotions coursing through my body, I realized where the letter had come from: The Bank.

An economy struggling to find balance in an unstable world, nothing quite hits home like over drawing a checking account. Coincidentally its payday, which I am very grateful for, but the challenge: Make it to the bank before the cutoff time for the day. So breaking every speed limit I managed to make it to the bank, during my lunch hour, irreverent but frustrating all the same. Returning to work my emotions got the best of me, I punched the steering wheel. As my fist ricocheted off the wheel the pep talk of ‘Feet off the ground’ popped into my head. I dropped the feeling of frustration like I was under hypnosis and someone had snapped their fingers. It was a beautiful day and further more there was nothing I could do what’s done is done. Nothing I can do but be more careful next time. However change is in order if I plan to survive in an ever-growing urban jungle where earning more money is seemingly headed towards extinction.

Upon arriving at home after a long day at work I set out to make a “For Sale” sign for my old Ford F-150. After finding the materials I need, and coming up with a clever, thought provoking slogan, I place the sign in the window of the truck, and parked it at the end of the driveway. Then turning to face the slow, enjoyable walk back up to my front door, from out of apparently the air itself I heard a small voice. The voice I heard was from the little neighbor girl standing over her bicycle on the opposing hill. Whatever the words were that came out of her mouth, were purely to grab my attention. She gently waved to me as I turned around and smiled in her general direction returning the wave. Right then and there that moment made my day. 

I came terms that no human’s life is perfect you are going to have those bad, ugly and frustrating moments in life. You just have to realize that they are just a moment. Leave them in the past, do not let them rule and or ruin your life, but just as well learn from them. “Take the good leave the bad.” I remembered how easy it is to get transfixed on all the negative moments in life, like an ugly bank statement of overdraft. These moments were washed away by a simple little girl smiling and waving, a great moment. That’s what life is about just those little moments, the great, happy, blissful moments, one leading to the next, conjoined together to form everlasting memories.