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Hey Everybody,
So it was a typical day, work, starts at 8a.m. ends at 4:30 p.m. Well I have a hour drive home from Baltimore, I actually live in Pennsylvania. But I decided to that I was going to pay my grandmother a surprise visit. She welcomed me in with open arms as usual, we talked about everything the current weather, growing older, memories of my late grandfather, then we got on two subjects.
Subject one: was the news, its always bad news or depressing news. She had a very interesting point of view on this. She agreed with me that pretty much everything now days in the news seems to be bad news or depressing. Anyway she said how often to you come home complaining of a bad day at work or of the terrible headache that you have. She remarked that she has never really heard anyone say that they had a great day, or that they feel good, or talk about the birds chirping. It all seems like everyone has something to complain about, like we are to spoiled. Anyway with that thought fresh in my head I am determined to change my out look on day to day living.

Subject B or two if you are counting: She pretty much flat out asked what I was doing with my life. Of course I revealed my plans to backpack through Europe. But before I told her of my hopeful adventure, I told her that I was falling into the typical routine. Working, eating, sleeping and doing it all over again. Of course that is just a small snip-it of the typical routine. Work, marriage, family, retirement, death, then the routine is passed down to the next generation. So this was our conversation, she encouraged me to follow my dreams, push for the trip. This was something that I was honestly surprised to hear from her. Even more to my astonishment she made the comment that she has only been out of the country once. To Haiti, even though that little piece of information was irrelevant. She mentioned that she wished that she had traveled more. I was shocked to be quite honest. But she told me to chase my dreams and do it while I am young. Before I decide to settle down. My grandma told me we have it all backwards. Don't wait to do things, do them while you are young, in fact if at all possible retire young. Travel, see things, live life to the fullest, experience culture. Worry about the future tomorrow.

My grandma may not have a 4.0 GPA but I realized that she is a very wise person.
But as I have come to find out. Most people do not follow that wisdom. They go through life and before they know it they are the ones telling their kids and grandchildren how they missed out on their dreams, travels, missed the chance to experience culture.

You know I may not have a 4.0 GPA but I sure as hell plan on listening to my Grandma.
I don't plan on spending my life looking ahead, because if you worry about tomorrow, what you don't realize is that tomorrow has come and gone all to fast and now it is yesterday and you realize that you are the one hoping your grandchildren stop by for a surprise visit.
If that is the life you want then go for it, I won't hold anything against you.
As for me I plan to live in the moment, I plan to forget about tomorrow, and just hope to create enough memories to share with my grandchildren.

P.S. what do you think.. I know it's long i just hope it held your attention.                           But this thing is more for me than you lol.
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