Series of Unfortunate Events II

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Day 2 (Day Tour)

I’m still sleepy but I have to wake up. Everybody’s up and I can’t stay lurking in my “wooden chair bed” because it’s where everybody is supposed to sit. I sat still, dragging my thoughts to the present when I saw Rommel. I asked how his arm was but he just ignored me. The nerve! I ignored him from then on too. But I can’t help overhearing him complaining and talking to others about how awful his right arm felt. Tired but numb. I sarcastically told him how he could tell it’s awful when his right arm was numb. Ur not suppose to feel when ur numb aight? He then snapped retorting that’s why it’s awful because he couldn’t feel anything. I went to him, took my earrings and jab it in his arms hard and was surprised he didn’t flinch. I suddenly felt an ugly creeping guilt. The group was teasing him that he is going to be impotent all his life”. And then he gave me a contemptuous look. There’s no one else to blame but me. The same moment I ran off to the kitchen and cried hard. What did I do to deserve all this unlucky events? I spent a few minutes there crying until I’ve bee called for breakfast. Haha! I was so scared I cause something grave to someone. I’m 21, I shouldn’t be a cry baby but I can’t help it. I just feel so awful.  If the people have not waited for me to join them at breakfast I wouldn’t stop crying. Hahaha. They actually asked Rommel to come to me to say that his alright. It was such a dramatic scene I’m so embarrassed about it. Haha! So eventually I was able to collect my bearings and went to the kitchen to apologize for the wait and the public display of emotion. But just when I entered the room I was welcomed with teasing and laughter. Yeah yeah, I just looked so so ugly. I was okay then, we ate away and wished I was home.

After breakfast, Vera the person we asked to buy the tickets for us, text that there’s no ferry allowed to travel because there’s a typhoon coming in a few hours.

I couldn’t believe whats happening to me. That means I’m going to be absent from work? Whoa..  crazy! I no longer want to be involved with the problem at hand. So Elvie took care of it. The rest of us kept ourselves busy with drinking the left redhorse, watching tv, sleeping, txting while me on the other hand played ‘dama” with Fritz.  It was a boring game because I kept on winning (haha). And we made an agreement that the person who losses at one game will drink a glassful of water. He was bloated with water already but I haven’t had my gulp yet. He quit and Rommel fill his place and all the same I was always winning though at some point I deliberately lose to him, hahaha. I’m no longer having fun so I decided to take a bath and go to sleep. Just when I got to the kitchen to go to the washroom I was grabbed by one of Elvie’s agent that was so drunk. It was the craziest and so far the longest drunken conversation I ever had (considering it was my first time to talk with someone who was heavily drunk, haha). It was really scary because the tomboy who cornered me has the tendency to get violent. I don’t want to be slapped at or shoved to the wall. So she was gripping me for an hour and I got tired from agreeing at her. Smiling if she said I was frowning. Getting serious if she tells me I’m just making fun of her and tried being funny when she said I’ve been too serious. And acted smart when she tried asking where my common sense was. It was one heck of a time reversing my mood according to her comments so she’ll not hit me. She was asking me where my common sense was. And why I was so dull. She was mad with Elvie and since Elvie and I are friends shes also mad at me. It was only in the trip that Ive known her how come she was accusing me repeatedly that I was stupid I think I don’t really look like one, do i? I didn’t talk my way out because she was drunk and it will just lengthen the conversation. Nobody else can help me because she gets overly active and defensive when somebody gets near me or say near us. Help came when Vera arrived, her close friend. She was able to divert her attention away from me. I immediately bath and after that slept in the nipa hut. When I woke up the people where gone. I presumed that they went to the beach and had fun. So I went to the kitchen to help myself get lunch when I saw the drunken girl. She was now polite and kind of courteous; you know almost bowing down when she talks to you. I don’t want to be alone with her so instead of getting something to eat, I decided to leave the house. Just so I wouldn’t look obvious in avoiding her, I slowly walked out and shouted at her from the door (at least if I’ll be attack, im ready to run) that I’m going to the beach and asked her if she’ll come with me. I was thankful she said NO. haha..


Night 2

Nothing much happened. Everybody was preparing for tomorrow departure back to Cebu. We had festive dinner and I volunteered to wash the pile of dishes. it was tedious work. I was so tired when I finished, I directly went to my sofa chair and slept like a log.

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