Today was the day to visit the rare Mt. Gorilla. Only 700 left in the whole world!

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So today was gorilla day.  The purpous of my whole trip.  I was up early......really early for me.  4:30am.  I was sooooooooooo tired.  I fell asleep in the transport for the two hour journey to the Congo.  I woke up eventually because the roads were so bumpy.  Every road in Africa is bumby though.  :)     

So we finally made it to the rangers station in the park.  We got a briefing on the gorilla familey that we would be visiting.  They gave us an option to hire a porter.  They would help us carry our bags, or help us if we got stuck in the jungle and steep mountains.  No one in my group of 7 said they needed one.  I on the other hand didnt have a big bag, but for $15 usd I said I would hire one because it was helping them not be poachers anymore.

  Little did I know that that would save my life!!!

Nicholas was the name of my porter.  He was young, and tiny, and not only did he cary my small day pack, but at one point he held my by the hand and pulled me up the steepest and muddiest mountain that I have ever been on in my life.  Every one else was falling down and sliding, and not feeling too happy at the moment.  Lucky for me I had Nicholas, as he was probably the best $15 investment that I had ever made in my life.   Oh yea, and can I just say that the kid did not even have ONE DROP OF SWEAT on his body the whole time!  The rest of us were soaked!  Unbelievable!

So anyways, when we finally made it to where the gorillas were it was all worth it.

  Absoultly amazing.  Some jumped down from trees, and others were playing and eating.  One very large 800lb silverback even charged me!  I wasnt scared though because I knew how they played.  It did however catch me off guard and I dropped my camera and pivitoded out of the way as it brushed by me and made a fist and "punched" the kid behind me.  I stood there with my eyes wide open and my mouth on the ground shocked.  He didnt hurt the kid, it was more of just a "tag" your it kind of punch just to show us who was in charge.   These beautiful creatures are so rare and endangered.  I hope that people will understand how gental they are and try to save them.  Reasearch them and do what you can to help them.

So getting out of the jungle was just as hard, if not worse then the way in.  YUCK.  I truely thought I was going to die.  Again I can not talk enough about Nicholas.  That kid truely saved my life.  My whole body was in so much pain, but it was a good pain.  I lied down by the side of the road when we finally got out of the jungle.  Nicholas hopped on his bicycle and peddled a mile or so to the marked to buy me a large bottle water.  I tipped the kid $20 on top of the $15 payment.  He was soooooooooo greatfull to me!  You would have think I gave him a million dollars!  I am just glad I made his day, because he really did save my life I swear to god.  Hahahahahaha.

On the way back to basecamp, we decided at the spur of the moment to have a beer at this hole in the wall bar that looked like a shack in one of the villages.

  We had the driver go in to make the arangements.  The people could not believe we actually wanted to sit there and drink a beer with them.  They thought we were just going to take it to go.  They were so exited.  Befor you knew it the whole village was comming around to see us.  It was so crazy.....its the only bar I have been to in my life where we sat looking at a beautiful view, drinking beer, with cows in the road and people comming out of nowhere to see us.  We created quite a specticle.

On the road again we made it back to base camp.  I ate at the restaurant in camp with a few people that night.  Vegetable curry and rice.  Really yummy.  I am going to sleap asap as my whole body still hurts from my excursion today.  We are probably going to just hang out around camp tomorow and go cannoeing and exploring.

I am sure I am going to sleap well tonight.

Stigen says:
I would love to go there...already saving up money..
Posted on: May 21, 2011
LMikeLeB says:
Wonderful story!
Posted on: Aug 15, 2009
kellyyyz says:
Wow. Your Silverback story was great.
Posted on: Jul 26, 2009
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