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From Jaiselmer I traveled to Jodhpur which was a very nice trip. The dull desert landscape leaving behind for the mountains. Winding roads which gets narrower and narrower until the road is not much wider than a one persone vehicle. Though it's still super busy and all cars, trucks, busses and anything you can think of have to pass each other whether or not on the asphalt road. The driver drives like he's at some highway, so full speed ahead. After a number of times eyes closed or looking at the other side, it simply could not go well and so a loud bang. Fortunately it is only the mirror .... and the driver is still smilig 

A  great attraction to visit in Jodhpur is the City Palace Jodhpur.
It's very nice to see and richly decorated. Even more fun are the little shops around the palace. You feel like in a fairy tale of 1000 and 1 night, leatherworkers, hairdressers, pashminascarve sellers, little freshly made snacks, you can find them all there. Since I'm in India I eat vegetarian, so I'm eating vegetarian for almost two weeks now. It is very nice on an Indian menu is a true veggie paradise.  You can find in most of the times 15 to 20 delicious dishes to choose from. The best think I pakora and lassi. Pakora snacks are small veggie snacks, perhaps the best comparison with our Dutch bitterbal, only more spicy and of course more healthy. Lassi is a good thirst quencher which is based on yoghurt, especially the banana lassi is my favorite. You can choose from sweet, natural or salted.

Then traveled to Pushkar, (Oh HELP fell from power, but luckily my story is safed) in Pushkar I walked around the holy lake with a local guide. I think it's one of the best ways to discover Pushkar. He knew very much about Pushkar, the holy lake and it's temples.

From Jodhpur via Pushkar now arrived in Agra, you may notice that this is touristy. As a tourist you have it here just heavy. Not only is it pretty much 42gr. If you come to a sightseeing or you have easily aproximately 20 vendors to hang you, and if they are bogged down in something they do not let go. Today I visited the ghost town of Fatehpur Sikri. Since no cars are allowed near the town, the last kilometer traveled with the bus. There were only Indians in, which appeared to be tourists in their own country. They came from Mumbai. No foot outside the bus and put under siege by the sellers. It was very funny, the protection offered tourist Indians and chased away the vendors. Tomorrow probably the biggest challenge (in terms of sales) the Taj Mahal, once you're inside the gate you are safe hahahahaha
SuperPhil says:
Posted on: Sep 25, 2009
sylviandavid says:
sounds wonderful.. great blog
Posted on: Sep 06, 2009
Jacqinmiddenamerika says:
Jaisalmer is one of my favourites; I would love to come back once! :-)
Posted on: Aug 31, 2009
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