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Yesterday we departed from Mandawa to Bikaner to half past eight. Bikaner is the first city in the desert province of Rajasthan. It was approximately 3.5 hours drive on and even stopped for a drink break. Drinking is important, it was in Delhi 41gr, 45gr in Bikaner and Jaisalmer (6 hours drive) is now even 48gr.

Yesterday visited the Fort in Bikaner, very beautiful fort, the only fort in Rajasthan that is built not on a hill. With beautifully decorated rooms, each one nicer than the other and concerned gardes for overheating spontaneously disposed their blower.
When buying the ticket an audio guide was optional which is really enormously useful. If you're tired of it you can forward it. Hahahaha.

I also drove to a temple, 30 km from Bikaner. You never guess, well it was the rat temple. Never thought that I would do that or dared to go inside. But ultimately I put my feet beyond the threshold. Looked around in amazement, the rats running, drinking milk and saw even a rat choosing for the eternal life. Fortunately, we do not have sent cameras, the smell is awful because of the rats and food parts on the ground. It will hang in your nose for hours. In return to the hotel they were to shooting a film. All men with turban, make-up and costume ladies, lights, shooting boards. Unfortunately, the leading roll was already forgiven, so no 15 minutes of fame. Perhaps I'll bump into another filmcrew.

What I really have to get used in India is the regular power fails. Lights varies in strength, the staring men and the heat. Yesterday there was too little pressure on the showerhead, and the two shower yet that came out focused on the side and rear wall. So there was no escape, the only option was an Indian shower with a bucket and it went surprisingly well.
xander_van_hoof says:
One other plus for the audio guide: it gives you more information than the average guide...
Posted on: Aug 30, 2009
yadilitta says:
mmm, it sounds not that easy but fun!
Posted on: Aug 24, 2009
edsander says:
> What I really have to get used in India is the
> regular power fails. Lights varies in strength, the
> staring men and the heat.

Don't you just love India ? ;-)

Posted on: Aug 16, 2009
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