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Day #1 Travel Day June 25, 2009   Jill picked me up this morning at 5:30am. Our Flight was at 9am. We had to spend 7 hours in Newark, NJ. Blak! So far, so good with the kiddos. They have been very well behaved. Not a whole lot of crying parents either. Just a few! We met Lori and the Oklahoma kids in NJ and went to lunch at some gross airport restaurant with Raj. I can tell right away that Lori is going to fit in with us just fine. She is great at quoting movies and has musical ADD just like me!   Sad news… As we were sitting at the terminal waiting to board, CNN reported that Michael had been rushed to the hospital. It was horrible timing because we had to get on the plane with very little info. As I was collecting passports on the jet way one of my students told me that they just reported that he had passed away. My heart hurts.   Besides lack of sleep the plane ride was pretty uneventful up until the very end. I was handing back passports and helping students fill out customs cards when one of the girls had a vomit explosion. Seriously, have seen a lot in my days of teaching but nothing like this. The poor thing had it all over herself, the girl next to her, the aisle, and the seat.  This happened right as the pilot was saying fasten your seatbelts and prepare for landing. I had to run to the back of the plane and get the attendant. She was not very helpful as she handed me a trash bag. I rolled my eyes at her as if to say, we are going to need more than that. She grabbed some gloves and towels. You could tell that she had no intentions of helping me clean. She did manage to hold out a trash bag and have the girl throw everything that was in her lap away, including her passport. So we landed and everyone departed the plane. Everyone that is except the student and myself who had to pick through vomit filled trash bags searching for her passport. Luckily she found it and we were able to rinse it off in the sink. I did have to laugh when the customs lady started giving her a hard time because she was not dressed the same as the rest of our group anymore. Oh yeah lady, your holding a puked-on passport!
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photo by: ulysses