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So we arrived into Asheville in the wee hours of the morning to the Sleepy Hollow bed and breakfast.  We parked our cars and had a race to get to sleep because we knew if we did not fall asleep fast the sun would keep us up.  I was still in my full uniform duty belt and all from work.  We leaned the seats back and we both crashed.  It didnt take long at all.  Once the sun had a perfect angle on my car through the mts around 7:30.  So we got a cat nap.  We woke up and immediately heard laughter.  One of our college roommates John Gust came out to check on the new car in the parking lot.  What caused him to break out in laughter is when he seen the two of us wake up from our seats.  JG says "Doesn't surprise me one bit, you too are crazy.....some things never change.  Looks like a police officer (but I am a Park Ranger) and a hippie (EFD) going on a road trip together, that is soo hilarious"  We greeted each other with a huge hug.  And he invited us to come in to the bed and breakfast to have breakfast with his (at that time)girlfriend (now fiance).  EFD and I were both still tired from the trip, but just the excitement of seeing everyone kept us going.  We waited around while the nice young lady that worked there got our room together.  She said it would be a while so John called Ben Prater (BP) to see if Drew and I could come by.  Still in the same clothes as last night Drew and I ride over 10miles to Bens house.  Again we greeted BP with a huge hug and he also stated how insaine we were for driving straight through.  We then said hello to Jen (at that time bride to be) and the kitties and doggy.  Jen gave us a tour of their new purchased home.  It was there I was introduced to Lauren D, one of the bridemaids.  When I seen her and notice no ring finger I knew she had to be one that every1 was speaking so highly about.  At that time I was eagar to get a shower and get the day started.  By this time our room was ready for us.  We went back to the bed and breakfast to get showered and dressed.  The first thing we did after we got dressed: went to Barleys for a beer!  No matter what else happens for the rest of the trip we made sure we would have made it to Barleys.  After we polished off two beers each we went walking around downtown asheville just to reminise about ol' days.  We had our priorties set because our next stop was for breakfast at the waffle house.  Next we went to the store to pick up Ben and Jen wedding gift.  After we picked up the wedding gift we went back to the Sleepy Hollow bed and breakfast and began to meet all the rest of the wedding party and friends.  We all immediately kicked it off great.  EFD brought out his home brewed beer and introduced every1 to it.  We all started killing his beer.  He does a great job w/ his beer.  Its getting later in the afternoon so we start rounding the wedding party together to have a run through of what we are suppose to do for the wedding tomorrow.  The wedding was on site of our bed and breakfast so there was no driving involved from going to site to site which caused for an even greater time.  If u know what I mean!  We finished our run throughs and questions now it was off to the rehearsal dinner.  We all piled into other peoples cars and made our way to 12 bones.  It was here at the dinner that the speaches took place, but unlike most weddings the whole wedding party was asked to speak.  I hadn't prepared anything, but I suppose that made the speech that much better because it all came from the heart.  After the dinner we went back to the bed and breakfast and continued to throw em back.  We ended up drinking and laughing the night away.  Jen father (Phil) ended up getting lost getting back to the bed and breakfast (total of 5miles away) which ended up being the reason he was then called GPS for the remained of the trip.  Soo much fun.  I wished this night before I went to sleep that this could last for two more weeks.  I would have been happy.
bastian8 says:
Nice blog bro! My parents have a house in Mt. City, Tenn. I usually end up going to Biltmore when I visit them because I get so board. I love AshvillE!
Posted on: Jul 14, 2009
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