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Today I get up and once again have breakfast of lots of sugar again. I pack my things in the room and get down to check out of the hotel.

I go outside and wait for my taxi to arrive, It is gonna be sad leaving the city of BA, it has been quite an amazing place.

i get to the airport and its a huge airport, as I am entering the airport I am haggled by someone trying to sell me plastic wrap to put on my suitcase, I politely decline. I check in to get my plane ticket and make my way through security and customs with out any problems.
Finally to the departure lounge where I wait to leave this country.
I am flying on the airline LAN to get to Santiago, Chile, just have a 2 days as I figured I might as well squeeze in one more country so I can say I was there type of thing.

I get onto the plane of LAN airlines, this looks like a good airline as all the attendants look like they were hired out of a beauty contest, really great.
It is a just a 2 hour flight to Chile and I get a full meal on this journey, quite good.
As we are getting to Chile we now are flying over the Andes, my first view of the mountain range, quite amazing.
We land at the Santiago airport and its quite a smoggy place here, lots of pollution noticeable.
I get off the plane and try to go through customs but am denied as I find out Canadians have pay an entry fee. I go and find the counter where I have to pay and its like $130 us dollars for my entry fee, stupid Ottawa.
Anyways I cross into the country without a problem now and get into the terminal. I am supposed to have a transfer waiting for me at the airport, but my ride is nowhere to be seen.
So I have no choice but to take a taxi from outside and venture into the city on my own.

I get to the hotel with a good route without any problems, to Hotel President, a GAP hotel, actually.
I try to check in and they have no record of my reservation, so another problem. I get a call from GAP adventure guy who lives in Santiago and he apologizes for the mistake. He then translates to management about the hotel and I end up getting a room for a night.

It is later in the afternoon now so I go out and walk around into downtown area for the night. I walk up the main street and see many good buildings and places to eat.
I get to a shopping area and there is some guy yelling on some stage about some type of government stuff again, quite interesting.
I see the main presidential palace here and many good cathedrals.
There are lots of people out tonight as well  I see the police all around with the SWAT vehicle parked here and there, quite odd.

Anyways, It is just a simple evening today and I was tired from the journey over here so I am going to call it a night now. I spent a few hours seeing the city, now it is dark out so I must return to hotel.
More adventures tomorrow, stay tuned?

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