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Day 1 - Going to Brazil

Today is April and I am off to the start of my South America Adventure 2008.

I get to Thunder Bay Airport and check in with Air Canada Jazz for my first leg of my journey to get to Rio De Janerio.

I finally board the flight and get to Toronto Pearson airport around within good time. I get to the airport now have a quite long layover till my next flight. I will be flying with Delta Airlines to get to Brazil on this one.

First I have to retrieve my bag again and then head to Terminal 2, way on the other side of the airport.

I make it to the check in counter for Delta airlines after climbing a few stairs, then going on some train and another flight of stairs.

I pass the weight inspection for my bag and then proceed through US customs as I have to transfer again in Atlanta, Georgia to get to Rio De Janiero.

I pass through customs no problem, however the Border Guard asked me the oddest question. He asked me why I would choose a place like Brazil as a vacation spot. I just replied I have run out of other places to travel to, so now I have to go here.

I make it on the airport bus and get to the other terminal, now the wait begins. To pass the time I have some airport food a sandwich and chips for food. Finally It is time to fly to Atlanta my second stage of the journey. We depart Toronto and take off quite well, however we end up flying over many storms on route to Atlanta. We get to Atlanta and we circle around for an hour as the weather is bad, it looks bad from here as we may have to go back to Toronto!!

Finally there is a break in the clouds and we go for a landing at the airport. Once in the terminal, I noticed it starting to thunder outside again, crazy.

my room, small

I make my way to the food court to have some food, I have some type of pizza for a meal filler.

From here I make it to the departure lounge and just wait and watch life pass me by. Finally it is time to board the plane for RIO,!!! We wait another 45 minutes on the plane as other people have no arrive yet. The pilot decides to leave without them 45 minutes later. It works out as there are lots of extra seats on the plane, so I get a whole row to myself, sweet!

Dinner on the plane is chicken of some sort and it works out, there is no real movie on this plane, but all well it is a way to get to Brazil.

Flight for rest of the way is quite smooth, later on about 7 hours later we are nearing Rio. However It is cloudy, I was hoping that it would be sunny, but all well.

We land at the airport in Rio and its good landing.

Airport is far out of the main centre of the city and it�s a bit different. On exit of the plane we are given flyers for the duty free shop at the airport. I check through Customs and immigration with no problems, just a very long wait.

Finally I make out to the arrivals area and look for my transport. This one guy with my name on a sign is waiting, he grabs my bag and we head off to a car in the parking area. We take off towards Ipanema area of Rio to get to the hostel I am staying at. He drives quite well and safely all the way.

I am getting my first impressions of Rio right now and its great. I think I made the right decision to come to this amazing city.

We get to the Hostel and I enter the premises, its quite a simple place but will do for a place to stay.

From here I check in with the very nice front desk girl and make it to my simple room. Room is almost like a prison cell, the most simple room I have ever seen. All well, it will do. I goto the bathroom which is a shared one on the floor and find out there is not hot water here. I have the world�s fastest shower and it is ice cold.

From then I get changed and head out to explore. I check out the immediate area of the shops and then make it to Ipanema Beach area. It is a very nice area, the mountain in the back drop is so amazing. This place is worth a million photos. I walk from end of the beach area to the other side.

From here I am confronted by a scam artist. This guy comes up to me and tells me there is poop on my foot.

I look down and there is this blob of grey paint or something there. He tells me he will clean it up for 400 dollars, I tell him to take a hike, however he insisted more and I told him to take a hike, crazy people.

Anyhow back to Hostel for awhile and just chill for awhile.

This evening was something I do not remember actually, so I will end the day with saying this. It was a great first day in Rio. This evening I Just hang out in the courtyard with the other people here. Have a few beers and talk with other fellow travellers. There are people from Australia, USA, Norway and UK here. Very cool

That was my evening, I am off to another hotel tomorrow, so stay tuned for my next day blogs.

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my room, small
my room, small
very nice beach
very nice beach
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