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We wanted to explore trail no.14 the next day. It looks like the entrance is located half way to Tanah Rata. We hired a cab and he told us very confidently that he know exactly where it is. The cab ride made me sick. After about 20minutes of long and winding road, I forgot how many switch backs we have made but I was really sick when he dropped us off. As we opened up our map trying to figure out where exactly the entrance is, an Indian man approached us. He told us he is a guide and has been living in Cameron Highlands all his life, there is no trail no.14 and the location we were at was trail no.9. He kept telling us we were at the wrong location, it was trail no.9 and we should not go on because it was dangerous due to the landslide recently. After some questions and answer session with him, he told us he could drive us to trail no.14 with a charge of RM7 per person (I thought he just told us there is no trail no.14 in Cameron Highlands, suddenly he could bring us there??). We agreed and got into his van. The van wouldn’t start and he wanted Charlie to help him to push his van. OK, it worked finally. Another 10 minutes of winding road. He dropped to some nursery and told us to walk into the nursery and ask people there to show us where the entrance of trail no.14. I was really sick by then and couldn’t wait to get out of the van. We walked very slowly thru the nursery. The foreign workers in the nursery looked very curious but we kept walking till the end. We saw a jeep passed and tried to follow the jeep’s trail. It ended up at a private resident! I said we quit! Here is another problem, where are we? Can we hail a cab? How long should we walk till the next town? I really felt like throwing up at that time.

We just kept walking along the tar road where a lot of cars passed by. We had to take a lot of rest because I was feeling sick. I forgot how long we had been walking, may be 45minutes. We saw a sign “Bharat Tea Shop” I was so happy! Another 15-20minutes walk, we arrived at the Tea Shop. We had some teas and scones while enjoy the view of tea plantation. It was very windy and such a nice view. Perhaps the relaxing atmosphere made us more relaxed and I was feeling better. We stayed longer and decided to have lunch there. I was almost back to normal by the end of our lunch. Luckily the cashier at the tea shop would call a cab to pick us up and I was feeling at ease for the first time since that morning. Before the cab arrived, we met a German man whom we saw walking from Tanah Rata till the tea shop. We started to chat with him asking about trails. He showed us his map and there was no trail no.14! It was trail no.13. We saw the sign of trail no.13 when the Indian promised he would show us the entrance of trail no.14, he told us Trail no.13 is dangerous and no one should hike that trail! I cursed him so much - we had been ripped off by him and we ended up not doing any trail!!!

Lesson learned from this trip: Be very careful with people who claimed that they are the guide but couldn’t show you his license, he may rip you off!! We may want to hire a license guide next time.
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