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Cameron Highlands map with detail jungle walk trails
The next time we went back to Cameron Highlands, we wanted to explore some new trails. Therefore we picked Trail no.10. The map shows the beginning of this trail should start at Oly Apartment that located at the entrance of Tanah Rata. We thought, hey, that’s easy, then we keep on walking towards to Oly Apartment. Upon arrival to a junction, we hesitated, which way? We decided to take the right way, after about 15minutes of walking, still no sign of Oly Apartment, we were thinking: should we kept going on or turn around? A young man was walking towards our direction and we asked him to show us the direction. “You have to go out of this road and take the other one, then keep walking straight” the man answered.
most of the trails starts from Tanah Rata

I was starting to get tired because we had been walking for almost half an hour! We should have taken the left way at the junction! We kept walking and still no sign of Oly Apartment. We ask a local girl again. “Just keep on walking” Finally, we arrived at Oly Apartment. We walked around the apartment and could not find any entrance to the trail. We saw a garden “Tan’s Camellia Garden” We walked in and saw some beautiful flowers but I told Charlie, it won’t be any jungle trail in someone’s garden. We walked out and saw one very tiny trial among tall grasses. We walked on and on and it leads us to a dead end. We had to turn around. Charlie said, let’s try the garden again! We walked in and saw a man having his cup of tea on a bench while reading his news paper. I was like, hey, we are trespassing and that’s someone’s private property! But Charlie asked him if he knows where trail no.10 is. “Here” To our surprise: the entrance of trail no.10 is located in his camellia garden! He told us to hike up to the hill and it will be a great view of Cameron from the top of the hill. It was an ok walk, combination of some steep path and easy path. We took some rest in between and of course, we left some notes! When we were half way going up the hill, there was a panel said do not enter. There are bee hives on the way to the hill and no one should enter. We were disappointed but no choice had to turn around - after all these works of finding the entrance of trail no.10!!!!

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Cameron Highlands map with detail …
Cameron Highlands map with detail…
most of the trails starts from Tan…
most of the trails starts from Ta…
map close-up
map close-up
Cameron Highlands
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