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This is actually en-route from Cusco to Puno.

Super Mountain Hikers reunited!

Leaving Cusco we discovered that despite buying various tickets from various agents, everyone who wanted an early morning coach to Puno was sheperded onto the same coach.  We had booked 'posh' seats, but didn't get them and despite complaints I got nowhere.  We did get seats at the front though with good views of what was admittedly a very scenic journey. This was marred by Katie's jacket being nicked, even though it was tied to her bag above her seat.

Well we arrived in town, and a lady (working on commission) in the bus station persuaded us to buy some coach tickets onto Copacabana with a new company and we also ended up getting a hotel and a taxi off her!  To give her, her due, all were great.

Think this is looking down to Lake Titicaca shortly before arriving in Puno.

We had a wander to the lake (Titicaca) which, next to a port, didn't look all that enticing.  Then on the walk into town we helped a moto-taxi with a stuck wheel in a rail.  In return we got a free lift, but 4 in a moto-taxi don't go so after a while we thanked him and jumped off only to work out that we were further from town than before! (He was going the right way, just the longer route).

Back in town we discovered a full on folkloria festival on the go with copious amounts of alcohol drunk by the participants.  This seemed to involve various groups, I guess, from different towns and provinces.  The males played the instruments and females danced, spinning to flare their skirts out.  It was a surprise for this to be going on, but it's not the first time we've seen something in a town and apparently Puno is famous for it's festivals.  Anyway, we bumped into a number of our group from the Inca Trail, grabbed some food, then went to a bar where we all got a free drink for going in!  Then we got 2 for 1 on cocktails |:o)

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This is actually en-route from Cus…
This is actually en-route from Cu…
Think this is looking down to Lake…
Think this is looking down to Lak…
photo by: lrecht