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Fiesta time, locals on holiday

Lunes 3 Agosto


We are still in Santa Marta, but we’ve just moved across the road to Hotel Miramar.  Sounds posh doesn’t it?  No. But it is a whole 5.000peso cheaper per night (US2.80) and there seem to be a few more gringos around we can chat to.


The fiesta has finished, which was an amazing way to see the locals enjoying themselves.  Mostly drinking and playing games of chance by night and sheltering from the sun and cooling down in the sea (often fully clothed!) by day.  We sampled some of the local street food, which was cheap and mostly tasty.  Kara is particularly fond of the lime juice drink (very freshly squeezed lime juice, iced water and sugar).  Was rather refreshing on such a hot day.  We’ve no idea how hot it is, but very very very is a rough approximation!


Further indications of the friendliness of Colombians are the occasional ‘Welcome to Colombia’ people say to us (in Spanish) and the protracted conversations we’ve had.  There was one young lad who was showing us all the different shellfish you could find on the rocks.

I also had a quick duck-diving contest with another older lad off the rocks to grab a handful of sand off the bottom and bring it back up.  He won.


One negative point is the colossal amount of litter everyone drops without the bat of an eyelid.  Amazingly the majority was cleared up by this morning.  There were very few bins though, which probably didn’t help.


May not always have such easy access to the internet so this may not always be so regularly updated.




Talan and Kara

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Fiesta time, locals on holiday
Fiesta time, locals on holiday
Santa Marta - correct map
photo by: TalanandKara